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Bolton Samurai Panhard Bar

(Temporarily unavailable due to redesign)



Samurai Panhard Bar

Introducing.... Sports car handling for your Samurai. This panhard bar will solidly lock your axle in place from side to side which will dramatically increase the accuracy of your steering system on the highway, or on your favorite trail.

The difference is night and day when you set yourself up with one of these completely bolt-on panhard kits. And if you have an extreme suspension system like the Missing Link, this setup will make your vehicle a completely highway driveable system for even the worst driver in your family. Its an absolute perfect setup for those running Spring Over axle suspensions. And we will soon be releasing an additional hardware kit to make the panhard system compatible with lift kits running springs under the axle!

The benefits are so numerous... here's the short-list.

Samurai Panhard BarRock steady lateral stability.
The panhard kit properly controls the lateral stability. This eliminates such effects as a loss in steering radius and axle wobble at high speeds!

High quality rod ends.
3-piece chromoly rod ends are used (40,000 lb. radial load) to withstand the toughest offroad abuse.

Completely bolt-on kit.
Custom square Ubolts attach the upper link mount to the chassis so no welding is required.

Integrated bumpstop mounts.
Bump stop mounts are integrated into the custom Ubolt plates. Works with the factory bump stop setup.

Choice of mounting holes for the link makes this kit fit a wide variety of lift heights.

Powdercoating and Zinc plating.
Of course you want your new mod to look great, so these high quality coatings are used to fill the bill and prevent rust.


Also available is our Spring Under optional kit. The Panhard kit itself is set up specifically for SPOA vehicles. If you are still running your springs under the axle, our spring under kit will allow you to have the control and precision of a panhard system. This is a bolton setup that comes with the necessary pieces and hardware for your vehicle. You will need to purchase, or already own our regular panhard kit. Use this optional kit as an addition to make it spring under compatible.

This is an exclusive item from Rocky Road. No other panhard kit on the market will work with the springs under the axle. Spring under usage does require 4" of lift for proper clearance.