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The Original Samurai 'Missing Link' system



samurai missing link

How the Samurai Missing Link Works

< Tim Cane of the U.K. showing off his Missing Link articulation.


**You've seen it featured in the magazines and on ESPN. That's right.... featured. Other suspensions have to buy space to announce product releases. The Missing Link is so attention grabbing and works so well on all trails, they came to us to cover the suspension and how it works. This is the original Missing Link suspension. Accept no substitutes! Any other dual-shackle-drop-link-revolving or whatever they want to call it design is a copied take-off of our design. We've run these on our vehicles for many years and know how they work, how to dial them in, and how to make them right! Other companies may sell imitations and have never even installed a set on their own vehicles. Look no further, we lead the way in engineering!

Samurai Missing Link Installation

Check out the IZOOK article on installing a set of our Missing Links. Drew Huber walks you thru an install and provides pictures along the way.



samurai missing linkHere's a pic of the Missing Link shackles in action on an RTI ramp. This is no ordinary ramp though, this is a 23* ramp. Our Missing Link system pulled about 1200 on this 23* ramp and won the contest at this event. It works even better in the real world. At the Zukfari in Moab this year we measured the dual Missing Link'd Zukinni at being able to lift a front tire 42.5" without lifting another tire off the ground... with 35" tires on a Zuk? That's wheel travel!



samurai missing link
The Missing Link is a 2 piece integrated shackle system specially designed to prevent hyperextension.
Each kit Comes with 4 shackles pieces (two sets of matched pivot shackles), new shackle bushings, and hardware.


James Hiers' rig just beginning to flex with the Missing Link at Tellico


We have engineered the Missing Link shackles to provide an extra 1/2" or 1" of lift depending on the shackle system you choose. We design the shackles such that they are an integrated unit and will not allow hyperextension of the two shackles at full droop. This is very important! Our shackles will not hyperextend and destroy springs as other generic dual shackle designs will. We've seen other drop link type shackles on the market that do not prevent hyperextension, be careful! samurai missing link in media

The extra articulation offered by adding this system to your Samurai will certainly qualify it as Extreme and allow you to go places you could only look at before. We build our shackle system beefy too. We get alot of comments on the stoutness of our system and we like it that way. You cannot hurt your Missing Link system. We offer lifetime warranty on them as well just to prove it :^)



The feature story Four Wheeler magazine did on the revolutionary Missing Link suspension that started it all!!! 


The Samurai Missing Link can be used with stock length springs for a total bolton system. Or, you can use longer springs for even better results. This setup would use rear springs up front and front springs off of a 76+ CJ for the rear on a Samurai. If you need a frame extension for the front longer springs, our Crawler series of bumpers offers this feature as an option so all you have to do is swap in the longer springs and you'll be able to drive absolutely anywhere.

zuk missing linkPlease note, we do not recommend Missing links with any Wrangler spring conversion. The Wrangler springs with the Missing Links handles too loosely for safe street driving. Any shop that tells you otherwise is only looking to make a sale. They have no interest in your safety.

We can also custom make the M/L to fit any length spring you have as alot of folks are experimenting with various spring length combinations. Please also be aware that the Missing Link is not for everyone. The typical customer who orders the M/Link system is someone who does not have to use their Samurai as a daily driver. The system is an off-road suspension modification and can change the handling characteristics of the vehicle. We recommend vehicle owners 'work their way' into the Missing Link. You can gain a surprising amount of wheel travel by simply using our SPOA lift kit as a good place to start.


Other considerations: Longer brake lines must be added due to the super long travel of this system. We carry brake line extensions which add another 5" of length to your existing lines, perfect for the Missing Link. Longer shocks should also be utilized to be able to take advantage of your new long travel suspension. Long driveline spacers or custom length driveshafts are also a good idea to keep driveshafts from separating at full droop.

Our shackle system comes 1" taller than stock for an extra 1/2" of suspension lift, 2 sets of 4 shackles with an integrated design, and necessary bushings.

Please note that using Missing links on the front axle is not recommended for vehicles that see time on the highway. Front double shackles of any brand create some looseness in the front axle and steering system... not really something one prefers when having to negotiate traffic from time to time.







Buy a front and rear set and receive $10 off your purchase at the time of billing.

Missing Links (or any dual shackle kit under any name) are not recommended for use on the front axle for highway driving. Rear Missing Links are fine for on or off-road driving. Front Missing Link usage is recommended for Off-road use only.

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