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samurai locker installation

Suzuki Samurai Lockright Locker and Spool

Fits 1985-2014 Samurai, Jimny, SJ410

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What do lockers do? They keep your tires from spinning freely. Ever been on a trail or in the snow and had those useless tires spinning freely? A thing of the past with lockers. Lockers turn your vehicle into an unstoppable force. With all four tires always turning, you can go just about anywhere.

This is our Suzuki locker webpage. If you have a vehicle other than a Suzuki Samurai,
we still supply all Lockright lockers at the world's lowest prices.

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You might ask yourself why and how this guy in the picture down below became so stuck up on that rock wedge? How on Earth is he ever going to extricate himself from this predicament?

The answer is that it ain't stuck at all. He's right where he wants to be and is pushing on thru even with tires hanging in the air thanks to the incredible traction provided by Lockright lockers at the lowest prices on the planet.

While you may not take your 4x4 to this level of insanity (or maybe you will), lockers in your 4WD will allow you to drive places you've never thought possible before.... whether that is over an impossible rock obstacle, thru bottomless mud, or just waltzing your way thru that twisty rutted hunting trail.

Suzuki Lockright Locker kits

Some folks ask why we only sell Lockright???

There are two basic choices in lockers in this price range, the Lockright, and the Detroit EZlocker. Both use the same design. BUT, we never sell anything we wouldn't run on our own vehicles, and we will not run the EZlocker. The Lockright locker has been around for years and years and proven itself on the trail. EZlockers as we have seen on the trail, have had many more problems. They didn't stand behind their warranty as we hoped when we did sell them. Bottom line, LockRight lockers simply last longer and are better all around.

Make your vehicle an unstoppable force with LockRight lockers. Easy to install and can be used on any Samurai 86-95. If you have tech questions on your install, feel free to call our tech line. We've been through a number of locker installations and can answer your every question. Alot of the big name shops probably couldn't even pick a Samurai out of a 4x4 lineup much less offer technical advice on installations.

We also offer installation and technical advice on your install if you get stumped. Please EMAIL us if you have any questions on the installation. Get it right the first time by buying from the experts at Rocky Road and the best locker on the market, LockRight!

Please note: Rocky Road recommends the standard (less expensive) locker without side couplers for most Suzukis. The kit that comes with the side couplers should be used is you know your factory sidegears to be worn and in need of replacement. This is very rare though. Most 4wheelers will see the best all around street and offroad performance from the standard kit without the couplers.

This kit will work for any Samurai model (Sierra, Santana, SJ413, etc) or Jimny on the front axle thru 1989, 1990 and newer model requires a 4-pin carrier, and for the rear axles of these vehicles with a 1.3L engine from 1984 to now.

 If you find a lower price on Lockright Lockers, we won't just meet it...we'll beat it!

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We also now carry a full time rear spool. This easy to install kit can be used in your rear axle for full-time 100% lockup. No need to weld your gears anymore if you want a full lock. Our kit does it right and keeps you from destroying things with the excessive heat from welding the spider gears.

 Rear Spool - $165.66