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samurai lift installation

Samurai Lift Kits and Suspension Components

Choosing a lift for your Samurai may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are so many options out there, prices, lift heights. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Samurai in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us. All of our technical staff are highly experienced at vehicle modification and can provide excellent assistance and insight for your decision.

At Rocky Road, we are suspension junkees. As you can see from our selection, we offer lifts from mild to WILD! If you're thinking of buying a suspension from a company that offers only one suspension, or pushes only one type of suspension, you can bet they're not looking to fit you with what best suits your needs. We offer the world's largest selection of quality suspensions for the Suzuki Samurai.

Pictured left: The Colorado 4WD Association grand prize raffle vehicle with the Rocky Road SPOA suspension system. This vehicle also contains many other great items found at Rocky Road, such as.... Rocky Road Crawler gears, Sport cage, Bestop, ARB Locker, Lockright locker, US Gears, Tuffy box, fuel tank skid, rear disc brake system, etc....

Check it out!!! 4WD and Sport Utility Magazine built their first project Samurai in a decade. They chose the Rocky Road JPEater kit as the VERY BEST on the market for their vehicle. NO ONE beats Rocky Road suspensions for performance and quality.  

samurai coil kit

samurai spring over axle

Coil conversion system for your Samurai

The ultimate in suspension flex.
Plush ride, and extreme offroadability.

The Deluxe SPOA kit.

The undisputed world's best 5" and 6"SPOA systems

Bolton SPOA system.

Don't have welding capability???
Look no further.... our easy Bolton
SPOA installs with NO special tools
or welding. Great for the first-time
SPOA installer!

samurai wrangler spring kit

JP-Eater® Wrangler spring
conversion system.

Check out what Jeep springs can do for your Zuk and why our kit is so far superior to others. 100% bolton, fits all aftermarket bumpers, doesn't bind shocks or steering!

The 4"er

An excellent suspension for those wanting a great suspension lift without taking things to the extreme. Includes the undisputed, best riding spring made in the USA for Suzukis.

series suspensions for the Suzuki Samurai. An excellent combination system with SPOA and lifted springs for those wanting taller systems.

Deluxe EZWeld SPOA
Spring Pads

Eliminates the possibility of tearing open your axle. We turned the industry on its head with these spring pads.
Find out why...

The Missing Link
Extra travel system. Featured in 4x4 magazines & ESPN on the "Zukinni" Samurai. It is a dual pivot long travel suspension of exclusive Rocky Road design.

Heavy Duty lift shackles

Extra strong, precision made. 1" longer & 2" longer than stock.

samurai lift springs

Suzuki 3" lift Springs.

The very BEST leaf spring for Suzukis. If you want a mild amount of lift & a major amountof ride quality improvement, these are your springs!

The 3" budget lift.

Get it up..... affordably, with the best Samurai springs and base required components.

Rocky Road engineered shocks
Designedspecifically for the weight of your Suzuki. Most shocks are built for full-size pickups, then simply sold to Zuk owners...
not Rocky Road

Rear to Front swap kit

An inexpensive and easy way to get more suspension flex a bit more height boost, and a better ride quality on your front end.

2" Body lift kits

1.5" lift springs for Samurai.

A great spring for those looking into a mild lift, or for those wanting new springs on their SPOA. Tough springs which can handle SPOA abuse!

Driveshaft Spacers

Anything over 4" in lift height requires either custom driveshafts, or extensions such as these.

Suzuki bushings

Bushings galore....
We got regular kits, greaseable kits, you can even pick up individual bushings if needed.

DOT Street legal long lines

Not only DOT legal, but also vehicle inspector friendly. Longer lines for any height lift.

samurai shock mounts

samurai axle shims

Samurai Shock mounts

Long travel shock mounts for
longer shocks up front or in the rear.
Bolton or weld-on

Steel axle shims

Shims correct driveline angles and are essential for proper front-end castor alignment.


High grade Ubolts, nuts, and washers

Old Man Emu suspension systems
and components.
Torque Barz keep your axle from
wrapping if you are a heavy right-footer







Rocky Road Outfitters owns THE ONLY 4x4 ever used to sell a computer.

Yes... pictured to the left is an Apple Computer magazine ad (way back when), in which appears the Zukinni Samurai. Our Zukinni competed in the 1997 Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge.

The image was used to not only illustrate performance and quality, but also to show how powerful things can come in small packages.

We're not sure whether an advertising executive was a Rocky Road fan, or the folks at Apple just knew our reputation for being the best in our business. If a huge company like Apple Computer recognizes our superiority though... you can feel confident that you are buying from the best when you shop at Rocky Road.


No more guessing!
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