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1.5" Suzuki Samurai Leaf Springs


samurai leaf springsSamurai 1.5" Leaf Springs,
also for use with SPOA lifts


These mild 1.5" lifted Samurai leaf springs are perfect for folks who want to boost their SPOA lift up for a set of 33" tires. Or, for those whose stock springs need to be replaced, but maybe don't want much of a lift.

The key component in these springs is that they are VERY tough!

Toughness is very important when it comes to use with an SPOA system since spring over are harsh on lifted springs. Most spring manufacturers don't recommend their springs for use on an SPOA.

Pictured mounted SPOA as included with our Trailblazer suspension
33x15.5" TSL SX Swampers on the Rubicon

Rocky Road being a leader in the Suzuki aftermarket provides this Samurai leaf spring which is excellent for us on SPOA, or again for the Suzuki enthusiast who really doesn't want much lift at all in changing in new springs.

Definitely a good choice for those who really love to pound on their vehicles.

Our Samurai leaf springs feature a double military style wrap for extra toughness AND also come with bushings included! 




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