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Samurai Harley Carb
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Samurai Harley Carb



For nearly 2 decades, customers have been asking us if we sold replacement carbs for the Samurai. The problem is that the only carb kit available has been the Weber carb, which is HORRIBLE for offroad use. It stalls with every bump in the trail, uphills, sidehills, we refuse to carry anything we would not install on our own vehicles. And that Weber carb... junk!

Along comes the HD carb. This is an ideal setup for the Samurai because of the nearly identical displacment between your 1.3 and the Big Twin engines. Additionally, because the HD carb is a side mount, you can rest assured that it will not cut out on you while going up or down steep obstacles. So we are now pleased to introduce a carb kit worthy of being in the Rocky Road line-up!

Myron Thorson (ZOR Products) is well known for developing the MY-SIDE series of HD conversion kits for the Samurai. The MY-SIDE carburetor kit has perfected the flow dynamics and frankly, all other "similar" products are poor imitations.

The billet aluminum block features water heating to improve warm up times. The included adapter ring can be attached to your snorkel or cone type air filter.

The ROCKY ROAD MY-SIDE carb kit is unique in the industry. although it is roughly equivalent to the MY-SIDE1, it also includes all necessary items including the choke cable, choke assembly and rubber intake boot.

The only thing that you'll need to supply is a 40 or 44mm HD big twin carb. The carbs do need to be modified to work properly, but instructions on how to do this are included.

You can also order a pre-modified 44mm carb from Rocky Road to make your installation even easier.

*All technical support is provided by Myron/ZOR
*Sold as off-road only. No claims are made about passing emissions requirements.
*If a body lift is installed, some custom modifications to the air filter connection will be required.
*Please allow for 2 week shipping time.

44mm Harley Carb

Optional HD 44mm Carb modified for Samurai



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