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samurai gears samurai gears

Samurai Gears For those about to ROCK!!!

Big tires? Bring it on! Combine the flexibility and ultra low gearing of our Crawler transfer case with the tire correction gearing of ring and pinion sets for the ultimate in on and off road performance for your Samurai. Put your power band back dead-on for highway speed, be the crawlmeister supreme on the trail.

This kit does require a core for the transfer case gears. This will be billed at the time of order and refunded after return of working core parts.

Combo kits include:
- A complete 4.16 Crawler kit or 6.5:1 (your choice) with install kit for everything needed on a proper installation.
-Front and Rear ring and pinion sets.
-Complete Master Overhaul installation kits for the Ring and Pinion gears.

Our 4.16 Samurai Gear kit requires an additional core fee. This will be billed at the time of order and refunded after the return of your working and functional core gears. If you have questions on this, please contact us. If ordering online, please also add in this core part ($125 for gears) so your online receipt will accurately reflect your billing..... you will be billed for the refundable core fee regardless of it is entered into your online order or not. Thank you.


 Samurai Gearing Combo Packages 

samurai gears

Yes, these transfer case gears are the same featured gears from Extreme 4x4 TV on their project Zuk that also used our diesel conversion kit.

Ian and Jesse over there just can't get enough of our parts as they have used Rocky Road components on a few different POWERBLOCK TV builds. Far more than any other Suzuki dealer or manufacturer on the market.

Why??? They only install the best! 




samurai gears

Samurai Front Output Upgrade

Putting in lower transfer case gears and really getting on the throttle can sometimes damage the front output shaft. This results in a loud popping noise under load and is detrimental to the life of the output shaft. Repeated popping of the front output shaft gear will result in gear failure and loss of power to the front axle.

In 1993 Suzuki upgraded the output shaft and stopped using the older style shaft that was prone to failure. These later style shafts are a drop in replacement for 1986-1989 transfer cases. This upgrade is especially good for transfer cases that have lower than stock gearing in them because the lower the gear, the higher the toque load going through the gear.

The front output gear can be installed without full disassembly of the transfer case. Only the front output cover needs to be removed to install this gear. Replace your older gear now and keep it in your tool box as a trail spare. Fits 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai's.

You can order this kit on its own for self-installation. Or you can order it with our rebuilt transfer cases and we will install it for you at the time of our installation and rebuild.

Samurai Front Heavy Duty Output kit
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Front HD Output gear kit
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Front HD Output gear to be installed into
a Rocky Road transfer case:
Please order transfer case above, 4.16 or 6.5 gearing.




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