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Suzuki Samurai Front Bumper - Deluxe Model



samurai front bumper

Deluxe, Bolt-on Samurai Front Bumper

At Rocky Road, we not only started out with Zuks, we still own, drive, and love them. As we have grown and grown up, our tastes have become more refined as well. This Samurai front bumper is the result of not only years of trail testing, but also wanting to produce what we feel is the finest looking USA built bumper on the market.

New and improved design uses oval lights. Pictured with optional winch mount, D-rings, and 2" receiver hitch.
Click pic for larger view.

Deluxe Front Samurai Bumper Construction

This is no folded steel with a hollow backside like our competitors push and say is strong. No... this is genuine solid tube steel construction on the main body of the bumper AND in the upper push bar. Solid tubing is simply stronger. No one disputes this. The result? This is the strongest front Samurai bumper on the market

We also use tube on our upper push bar. Well 'of course' you might say... what else is there? Some of our competitors use pipe. Pipe is not as strong, more brittle, and doesn't contour well when bending. We ONLY use round tubing in all our products so you get the absolute strongest and best that is possible.

As with our regular Crawler Samurai front bumpers, we set the Deluxe Samurai front bumpers up with NOT two or four bolting points like our competitors... but six separate mounting positions! And we're not talking about those ears that stick way out into the fenderwells that the stock bumpers mount to. Our bumpers mount to the frame and to the forward body mount position for super stout mounting. Its a triangulate mounting system that is without equal on the market. samurai front bumper

Compatible Winches for Deluxe Samurai Front bumper

Click on the picture for a larger view of the Deluxe HI-Crawler!

Pictured at right is the 'Deluxe HI-Crawler'. This Samurai front bumper is designed for very tall winch applications, or for anyone who wants additional higher clearance thru the middle of the bumper for any reason. This is a unique bumper and the ONLY Suzuki Bull Bar style bumper on the planet to fit the taller winch applications.

samurai front winch bumperWhy Choose the Deluxe Samurai Front Bumper?

Perhaps one of the best features or Rocky Road bumpers though... we actually manufacture them in-house. We don't have low budget shops across borders or oceans manufacturing our bumper. We don't have 'piece-work' welding shops manufacture them (most of our competitors do this). The end result of this kind of manufacturing is a bumper whose only production guideline is how fast it can be made. NO! Rocky Road builds them in-house and so can also customize your bumper with any number of options.

Todd Bonney sent us this shot of his Rocky Road Deluxe Front Bumper
all set up with the warn winch and with our optional tow hooks mounted up.

Click the picture for a larger view!

Not everyone wants the same bumper or has the same needs. So, all our Front Crawlers also give you a heap of options to choose from to customize YOUR bumper. If you don't see a combination of accessories that fits your ideal bumper, then please give us a call. We can build just about anything you can dream up.

Rocky Road bumpers come with new easy to find and inexpensive lights to replace those dim factory jobbers.

Our mounting system also works with bolt on Shackle reverse kits, though you must notify us at the time of order kit for our customized mounting system.





samurai front bumperTow Bar Option for Deluxe Samurai Bumper

As with our standard Samurai Front Crawler bumpers (pictured at left), all Deluxe bumpers can be set up for flat towing. Use our Tow bar kit for a complete easy to bolton setup. This tow bar setup coupled with our 6-point frame mounting system for the bumper give you peace of mind that your most favorite toy will make it there-and-home safely behind your tow rig.

You must specify this at the time of order for the proper tow mounting system to be fabricated and installed. Or we can custom build a mounting system if you already have a tow bar compatible with the width and size of the Samurai.

Tow bar kit is pictured at left with our standard Crawler bumper, but is available with the Deluxe bumpers pictured above.







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