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samurai engine installation

Samurai Engine Parts and Conversions


44mm Harley Carb

1600cc Engine Swap from Sidekick
or Geo Tracker. The easiest engine swap
on the market.
Get a "Big Block" for your Samurai.
AXIS Power® VW Diesel Swap kits.
Yes, this is the system as seen on
EXTREME 4x4 TV !!!
Harley Davidson Samurai Carb Kit
V-Twin Power and better flow.

Samurai Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Samurai Carburetor Rebuild Kit
1.3 OEM Hitachi Carb Rebuild

Sick of the clicketty click?
This little kit eliminates the common
problem of the starter not getting
enough juice.


Thorley Headers... more power.
THE ONLY 50-state street legal
header for Samurai 1.3 and 1.6

Hood Louver kits
for cooler running engines

Safari Snorkel kits for the Samurai

High performance ignition systems
for your Suzuki

OEM Samurai Clutch Kit.
No copy-cat, no imitation... only the real
thing baby!

Complete engine rebuild kits
for your Samurai

This combination system puts our best
three upgrades into one single
discounted package...

Isky cams are the best of the best.
No imitations, no substitutes. All
other shops try and copy this design,
but they just don't get it right.

samurai alternator kit

mounting kits.
Pump up the POWER!!!

The miracle cure for hesitating
engines. A little known Suzuki
factory part... the venturi.

Samurai Radiator Hoses

Samurai Radiator Hose Kit

This system really opens up your
intake to maximize airflow and
assist with engine power.

Valve cover and Breather vents....
With a cool twist.


Suzuki Factory replacement pieces for your
Samurai. Click here if you are looking for
Suzuki factory repair parts on your Zuk

K&N Intake & filter replacement systems
for improved power
and mileage.

Heavy Duty thick gaskets for your
header. Eliminates the cheap paper
gaskets that come with all
aftermarket headers.