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Samurai Engine Rebuild Kits



samurai engine rebuildOne of the most common questions we get asked is how can I get more power for my vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes the answer isn't as easy as attaching a new filter or screwing something in. Many of our vehicles have been around for 6, 10, even 15 years... all on the same engine. Sometimes you can throw hundred of $ trying to pump up an engine that is just loose running and will never 'deliver'. Run a compression check and make sure you are in the 140lb or higher range. If not, its time for a rebuild.

Many people can tackle their own engine rebuild, many cannot. No matter what camp you are in though, you will save money by purchasing one of our high quality complete systems. Any machine or engine shop can strip your block and performt he rebuild, but you can guarantee they're going to charge top dollar for the kit they use. Instead, hand them your engine and our rebuild kit. You may even save enough over their rebuilt kit alone to pay for their work. Regardless, you will save....

What's Included in Our Samurai Engine Rebuild Kits:

Gasket Set, Pistons & Rings (standard, .020 over, or 040 for 1.3l only), Rod Bearings, Main Bearings, Rear Main Seal, Timing Belt, and Valve Stem Seals.

samurai engine rebuildIf you are ordering online, please write down in the space for extra information, which size pistons (std, .010, .020, .040) and crank and main bearings (std, .010. 020) you would like with your rebuild kit.

We also sell timing belts, head gasket (top end) kits, and individual components of our engine rebuild kits at insane low prices. You'll never even think about your local auto parts store again!


Samurai Engine Rebuild Kits