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Samurai Drop Pitman Arm



Samurai Drop Pitman Arm

Samurai Drop Pitman Arm

For mild lifted Samurais with 2-4" of lift.

Improper steering alignment causes all sorts of problems. Rocky Road steering kits help fix bumpsteer, 'death wobble', and other handling problems. Our taller pitman arm will help you correct your steering angles and put YOU back in control.

This is the Trailmaster Samurai drop pitman arm which is known for high quality kit on the market.

Yes, the design has been copied, though the part has not been duplicated. The copys just don't have the same durability or long-term rust-free finish

Make sure and invest in the best... not some low-end copy.


Please note: Supply on the Samurai Drop Pitman arms has been VERY challenging often requiring months of waiting. As a result, we have dropped these kits and recommend a change to the Rocky Road Zlink which can do the job for lower cost, and are also available in various heights for any size lift... which you can find information on by clicking



Toyota to Samurai Pitman Arm

Our custom Toyota pitman arm works with the Toyota steering boxes and allows you to convert them over to a Samurai steering system. It can connect to a stock Samurai steering, High Steer kit, Toyota High Steer kit. This is a modified Toyota pitman steering arm which removes the ball joint off the end of the Toyota pitman arm and makes it a dual hole setup just like the Samurai pitman arms.

This is kit bombproof and comes with our lifetime guarantee.



 Samurai Pitman Arms