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samruai driveshaft installation

Samurai Drive Shaft - KAD Drive Shafts for Suzuki Samurai



Heavy Duty Samurai Drive Shaft

suzuki samurai driveshaft
suzuki samurai driveshafts
When we originally introduced the K.A.D. Samurai driveshafts, the Suzuki world was flipped on it head. NO one had ever seen anything so huge before.

K.A.D.s feature greaseable 1/2-ton pickup U-joints for super strength and durability. The yokes are constructed to for big lifts. A perfect choice if you are extending your wheelbase and need additional spline length. Yokes bolt right up to your Samurai flanges and do not require any adaptors or spacers.

Heavy Duty Samurai Drive Shaft Construction

The Tubing on our Samurai Driveshafts are an indestructible .25" DOM tube..... they cannot and will not bend nor twist. The best thing though is the slip yoke.... An unbelievable 10" of slip yoke on the K.A.D. driveshafts means they'll work for you with a 3" lift on up to 8" of suspension lift!!! Perfect for vehicles with BIG articulation that require alot of spline movement. For tall lifts, you may have to do a little additional clearancing for the break-over angle. Email if you have questions on this.

If you're been searching for a new shaft for your ride, search no further. K.A.D. driveshafts are built local for our shop in Utah and far exceed the quality of lookalikes.

Driveshafts are made to fit smaller style flanges (by far the most popular). They can fit on the larger style flanges with some drilling on the flange. Please call or email for more information if you have a question on fitment to the newer flanges.

Also available are Toyota conversion KAD driveshafts. These great setups come with a Suzuki flange on one end to mate to your transfer case, and a toyota flange on the other end to mate to Toyota axles. Perfect for those making the change-over on their trail rigs to Toyota axles. Not suitable for vibe-free high speed highway driving though due to the double offset of the centered Toyota axles.


 K.A.D. Samurai Driveshafts