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Samurai Drive Shaft Spacers and Adaptors



samurai drive shaft spacer

Samurai Drive Shaft Spacers

Lifting your vehicle extends the drivelines.
Problem is, they only extend so far before you run out of spline and the thing pulls apart.

Any other 4WDs would require expensive custom driveshafts or other drivetrain modifications to fix this problem. Suzuki owners have it easy though. We can get away with drive shaft spacers to keep this from happening. Really though, you don't need any drive shaft extension for suspension lifts over 4" tall (which covers all our lifts).

Sometimes folks like to go custom though and build things taller and taller... we've got you covered. 

Samurai Drive Shaft Extensions (Priced Individually)






samurai drive shaft spacer

Toyota / Suzuki Drive Shaft Adaptor

This great little item allows those running Toyota axles to still use Suzuki or our KAD driveshafts.

Because the flange O.D. on the 88.5 and earlier t-case is smaller than the actual cv, which leaves you unable make a direct bolt through unless you intend to hack the smaller flange up. So on these, great adaptors allow you to fit Toyota 4cyl CV and non-CV driveshafts for pickup and 4runner axles... to all Suzuki transfer case flanges (all years). The adaptors utilize 4 bolts from each side. Will not work with Landcruiser axles.

All threads are being rolled into the material instead of a standard drill and tap for better strength. The adaptors are machined from cold-rolled steel using CNC machining centers and are bore-centric. This means you have a vibration and wobble-free installation every time. This very high quality piece can save you hundreds in trying to customize Toyota driveshafts to your Suzuki transfer case. Make it simple and easy with this great adaptor.