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Samurai Disc Brake Conversion



samurai disc brake conversion

Samurai Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Converts your old and under-powered drum style brakes into a modern, stronger, safer disc brake system. As described below, the Disc Brake Kit comes with everything you need except the braking setup (you also supply your own front calipers and rotors). 

The Disc Brake Kit by itself is intended for those who want disc brakes but wish to make their own brake lines. This is not complex, but you do have to have the correct flaring tool, the steel lines, and the threaded ends. If you do not wish to make up your own brake line connrections, we do offer the optional brake. This optional kit makes your installation a safe and very easy one.

NO WELDING will be required for any of our disc brake items, it is a full bolton system. 

Items included in Samurai Disc Brake Conversion:

2: High quality machined aluminum caliper mounts.
2: Steel adapter plates to go from the 4 bolt pattern on the axle to the five bolt pattern on the wheel and rotor.
8: Grade 8 bolts with matching nylocks and washers.
4: Grade 5 mounting bolts for caliper.
10: New OEM Wheel Studs.


Samurai Disc Brake Conversion Select kit/components
Disc Brake kit Currently out of production, check back in 2018


*The user will be required to supply their own front calipers, & front rotors. Note with this kit installed the stock e-brake will no longer be used.