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samurai coil lift installation

Coil suspension kit for Suzuki Samurai



Check out the Four Wheeler magazine installation of our coil suspension!

Click on the Four Wheeler link to view their condensed online installation article.

One of the tech editors purchased and installed the Rocky Road coil kit on his personal Samurai, reviews the installation and performance of our system..... proving once again that the Rocky Road Coil suspension is 2nd to none in the industry when it comes to suspensions not only for any vehicle, but most especially for the Suzuki Samurai! This is NOT a free kit we gave to Four Wheeler, so this is a true experience from one of their writer staff.

Check it out!



The Samurai coil lift kit

In 1997, Jeep released their new TJ Wrangler which featured a complete new coil suspension setup. The incredible ride comfort and unrivaled articulation of this coil system began a whole new craze.

This release revitalized and fired up the old tried and true coil spring suspension market. Soon, kits were to be found everywhere for CJ's and YJ Wranglers that converted their leaf style suspension systems to flexier and more stable coil suspensions..... except the Samurai..... until now. Pictured, the front and rear coil kit means that anyone can install coils to their Samurai now!

Rocky Road coil sprung Samurai. Also seen pictured with the Rocky Road Crawler II bumper and tire carrier. 

Why Suzuki Samurai coils?

Easy question. Flexibility, ride quality, and control..... 

-Gone are the days of wrapping up springs and axle hop. Leaf springs allow the axle to rotate when under hard acceleration or steep climbs. The new multi-link suspension of this coil kit eliminates this possibility and gives you a precision driving experience which can be better than stock... even with a big lift and tires.

-Comfort is the real biggie though. Within days of installing our first coil kit, we took off for a 4wheeling road trip which took us over 3,000 miles across the Southwest and culminated in the hard core capital of the U.S., Las Cruces, NM. The ride was dreamy and felt as good as any modern SUV we've been in. On the trail, it was unbeatable. Those that have ridden in the coil sprung Samurais have likened it to sitting on a marshmallow. If you are looking for the ultimate in ride quality, nothing touches a coil suspension.

-Articulation is probably the main reason folks start to look at a coil suspension.... and they will not be disappointed. Actual articulation measurements will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on your tire, wheel, and axle choice. With the coil setup though, you can expect close to 40" of articulation once installed depending on wheel and tire choice. Those with wider axles may even see more! 

Pictures to the right are courtesy of Art Lilley and his tricked out orange Samurai.
We are very sorry to acknowledge the passing of Art Lilley who lost his life serving in Afghanistan, 2007

Click on each image for a larger view. 

Welding is required with this system as well as an angle meter device to set up proper pinion and castor angles. You will possibly need to modify your exhaust to fit around the suspension system. The Rocky Road Coil Kit comes in 2 different lift heights, 6" or 8". The 6" kit easily fits most 31-32" tires. The 8" kit is designed to fit 33's easy and some 35's. For larger 35" or 36" tires, usually a small body lift will get the job done! We also locate our springs in the original factory position (outboard for the frame) to help combat excessive body roll.  

Coil kit installed, with 33" tires, parked on a 30* ramp!!! Close to 1000 on a 30* ramp is a score only vehicles like the Scorpion and Avalanche Sniper have been able to achieve.


Here are some details on what you get in our system....

4 coils-- the standard 8" lift coil springs are set up for a 33" tire fitment easily and this is by far our most popular kit. The coils can be customized to fit most any weight application. However, we do recommend our standard 175lb springs for most applications. For those who want it mushy, we can supply a 150lb spring, but keep in mind this is REALLY soft. If you have heavy bumpers, armor, or even large engine swaps, we can dial up a firmer spring rate for you. For folks running heavy v6 engines and larger transmissions, our 200lb springs do a great job. Bottom line, we can fine tune your coil suspension however you like. You're not buying a one-size-fits-all kit, you are investing in a very customizable suspension system.

samurai coil kit
David McRoberts with his beautiful coil spring Zuk and newly added F/R Rocky Road bumpers!
samurai coil suspension

Rear links are made from 1.5" wall DOM tubing with Currie Johnny joints, a high quality rebuildable rod end. What this means is serious overkill strength, with tons of flexibility. Johnny Joints were originally created by Currie for their long travel Jeep Wrangler control arms. We also use the large size Johnny Joints with our kits. They're plenty beefy enough to handle a lightweight Samurai and never bind. With our overbuilt arm strength, you won't experience tube warping from torque, and they'll stand up to an extreme pounding while you're sliding over the big rocks.

The rear upper is a Y link and mounts with super flexy bushings and a new cross at the frame member, and an adjustable Johnny Joint at the axle!!! A new design to eliminate any radius arm bushings problems from the days of old.
The new system also allows for fine tune adjusting of the rear pinion angle after assembly. Rear axle setup comes with a mini-truss for easy molded-fit installation. The rear link system solidly locks your axle up against spring wrap or other torque twisting.

Front arms are long! This means they are longer than even the new 'extended control arm kits on the market for TJ Wranglers for lots of flex. The front setup is a Y arm just like the front arms on the very popular Warn jeep coil kit (for CJ's and YJ's), or 'long arm' kits for the front of Jeep Cherokees. So it is a very strong design.
The driver's side lower part of the Y has a slip joint to keep it from binding at the frame. It also comes with the top quality Currie 'Johnny Joints'. Johnny Joints are the best rod end on the market today not only because of their simple rebuildability, but also their incredible range of movement and strength. The arms are built from DOM tube just like the rear for ultra strength.

Sorry for the dirty pics, we love to play with our vehicles.... not wash them! Click the pics.
Shows driver's lower ft coil & shock mounting.

Passenger's side control arm and bracketry.

Rear Y-link truss and lower control arm mounts.

The front suspension system also includes a panhard (aka Track bar) system which will solidly lock the axle into position side to side for super stable handling on the highway and precise steering control offroad. Look at vehicles like modern coil sprung Jeeps and you'll see a similar track bar setup. This is THE way to get precise handling from your vehicle.
These kits sell for the SPOA kits at about $300.
With our coil system, it is included!

All mounting systems, crossmembers, and hardware are included. This kit delivers the ultimate in offroadability. Includes everything you need to get coils onto your vehicle.
Various spring rate coils are available for the ultimate in ride customization for any weight Samurai in case you run a heavy engine/tranny combo, or other accessories that will dramatically change the overall weight of the vehicle. Flexibility in our mounting system design also allows for the wide range of variations that ones sees in Samurais. We've seen factory welds vary over 1/4" from one vehicle to the next. This makes precision systems tough to engineer, but our setup allows for some fitment variation at critical points.

Kits also contain full front and rear upper and lower shock mounts for true long travel shock installation. Best results are obtained with our shock setup for 2-2.5" backspaced wheels (an optional system that mounts the shocks outside of the frame in the wheel well). We recommend the Rocky Road engineered shocks as a good way to control the soft nature of the coil springs.

3 @ 7" longer brake lines. These are the longest brake lines you can purchase (without going full custom) that fit the Samurai metric fittings. If extra 2nd rear brake line is needed +$28. A proportioning valve relocation setup is also included for dual brake line equipped Samurais.

There are many other great features in our system as well. Our system can also be adapted to fit Toyota and Dana axles with minor tinkering on the axle brackets. We do currently offer coil systems specifically built for Toyota axles. For best shock clearance and vehicle stability usingt Samurai axles, we do recommend 2-2.5" backspaced wheels.

Our technical staff are available to any any of your coil kit questions on our toll free line during the work day (888-801-7271), and our email is open 24hours. If you have questions regarding our system, please feel free to ask. Emails are best as they go direct to store owner Glenn Wakefield for the most accurate and informative details on this and any other Rocky Road suspension system or components. 

Suzuki Samurai coil kit and Toyota axles

CRAZY flex on Wade Doll's Zuk!
The best part though is great highway manners and awesome all-around pefromance.
Click for larger view

Now for all you Toyota junkies, we have just released our Toyota coil conversion system!!! This kit includes brackets and hardware designed specifically for Toyota pickup axles front and rear. Makes installing the Toyota axles much easier than trying to design your own suspension system. Now available in the basic front and rear kit, and with our OTT Totoyta High Steer kit at pricing that blows our competition out of the water!  

We are also often asked about using the RRO coil suspension kits with Dana and Ford axles. While our kits are specifically designed for either the Suzuki or Toyota axles as a glove fit, with some slight modification the kit can also be used to fit these other heavy duty axle upgrades you might have on your Suzuki. We would recommend picking up our basic Toyota kit if you do have Ford or Dana axles as the Toy kits have a slightly larger axle tube diamater which can make the adaptation to your particular axles easier.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation of (any) coil suspension system is more advanced than the simpler SPOA or Wrangler conversion kits. We can email you the instructions before ordering if you wish to view the installation process. While many Suzuki owners who have no installation experience have successfully completed their installations, it is a more complex install which requires cutting and welding, and some planning & thinking when laying out the pieces for welding. Please be advised of this.



Samurai Coil Suspension systems Select kit/options Click to add to cart
Basic Samurai Coil Suspension system
Includes Front and/or Rear Coil system for Suzuki or Toyota axles.


Complete Samurai Coil Suspension Package
Includes Front and Rear Coil system, Stage 1 OTT, Driveshaft extensions, and RRO Engineered shocks. For Suzuki axles only.

Deluxe Samurai Coil Suspension System
Includes Front and Rear Coil system, RRO Engineered shocks, KAD driveshafts Front/Rear, and Stage 1 and 2 OTT Steering. For Suzuki axles only.

**Toyota kit includes all of above, but with full Toyota OTT steering conversion kit and Toyota conversion driveshafts.

Retrofit Kits
For those who already have our conversion kit, but are swapping axles.
These kits only contain components to attach to axles.
2nd Rear Brake line (86-88')







The Rocky Road coil kits can be found all over the world. Click pics for larger views.

The top three shots are at a Trials competitions in Greece where our coil systems are very popular.
Top 3 shots are courtesy of Theodoros Vrettos.

Bottom Shot belongs to James who has probably the most Bad-A$$ Samurai in New Zealand with those huge mudders.