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Samurai Carburetor Venturi

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samurai carburetor

Suzuki Carburetor Fix

This Suzuki factory part was released as a part of a Suzuki Technical Service Bulletin.

Photo courtesy of Four Wheeler online magazine


Models affected: '86-'90 carbureted models.

What happens: Prior to 1990, all Samurais were fitted with a 1.3L motor with a Hitachi carburetor. Sometimes these carbs can bog down upon acceleration.

The fix: The problem is related to a clogged vent tube, and was addressed by Suzuki under Technical Service Bulletin. Simply replace the vent tube or install the new piece.

And we quote from the bulletin, "...Samurais may exhibit a hesitation/flat spot, in any gear, when in acceleration from partial to open throttle."

So this little part basically, eliminates the flat spot in carbureted Samurais which results in a loss of power.

How to Install Samurai Carburetor Venturi

Super easy to install with this full kit which includes the Venturi breather tube itself, instructions, AND the all-important installation tool as well. This is what will separate our kit from other possibly "cheaper" alternatives. Takes about 5 minutes to do this on your Suzuki.

The absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to improving your engine's performance.


  Carb Venturi Fix KIT - $19.92