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Samurai Cam by Isky



samurai cam

Why Choose an Isky Samurai Cam?

Imitations... AGH!!! They're everywhere now and have hit the Samurai cam market.

ISKY was the first, always the best, and is what the other guys have tried to copy. Don't settle for some restickered imitation of the real thing.... GET the real thing. Certainly there are Suzuki shops out there attempting to regrind a cam to perform better. Bottom line is that they don't have the decades of cam performance experience as ISKY. The ISKY cams simply perform better. Iskenderian Cam is world famous for being THE authority in Cam technology. The Isky torquer cam provides good horsepower and torque upgrades in the mid-range (2000-5000rpm) for your Samurai with the 1.3, or even with the 1.6, 8 valve head. Gives you smooth idle for a great modification. No other cam on the market comes with the experience, engineering background, or industry-wide reputation of Iskenderian Cams.


Samurai Torquer Cam Specs  Samurai Power Cam Specs
 Duration: 266 deg  Duration: 270 deg
 Cam lift:   .207  Cam lift:   .276
 Valve lift:  .330 Valve lift:   .414
 Valve Lash (cold):   .008 Valve Lash (cold):  .010


samurai camFor those power HAWGs that just have to be the biggest, baddest, fastest rig on the block...
We also offer the
ISKY POWER CAM! This is a top end cam which works best at high RPMs. Comes with a new valve spring kit to handle the extra throw from this radical cam. This cam is a dual purpose lift at .414, with a cold valve lash spec of .008-.010, Duration (270) .050 duration (230). This kit comes with new heavy duty valve springs and install components.