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Suzuki Samurai Rear Bumper - Do it Yourself



Do it Yourself Samurai Bumper Kits 

samurai bumperRocky Road Crawler bumpers are often imitated, but never duplicated.

Sometimes though, you just got an itch that you want to do things on your own. For those folks who have a welder and like to tinker with and build their own stuff. We offer unifinshed bumper shells.


Check out how Jon Colbert decked out his DIY front bumper out with a tow bar, a winch, and a cool array of offroad lights.


These DIY Samurai bumpers are how we get them straight from the CAD cutting machine. No mounts, no end caps, no paint, no lights come with the Do It Yourself bumpers... you do it yourself to try and save some money.

What you do get is a big head-start with precision cut light openings for the front and rear Samurai bumpers, and also a precision cut hitch mount opening for the rear DIY bumper. It just ends up saving you hours and hours and hopefully errors when sizing up your bumper project and doing all the necessary light hole cutting.

We do get asked sometimes to supply the lights and mounting brackets, but we don't sell these separate. They are only available with our complete bumpers. You should be able to do your own cutting and welding for this project. We do however have some of the optional components which are available in our Crawler series bumpers which you can purchase to weld onto your home bumper project. Find these in the 'bumper options' listing below.

We don't have a picture at the moment of our rear bumper blank, but the DIY shell would be identical to our regular Crawler rear bumper which you can check out .
Very sorry, Crawler II bumper shells are not available in DIY form.



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