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Samurai Body Mounts and Spring Bushings



Samurai Body MountsPolyurethane Samurai Spring Bushings...

For Samurais, SJ410, Sierra, etc.... these great kits include grease impregnated polyurethane bushings which will not wear out like stock rubber bushings.

Very easy to install too as the factory bushings oftimes must be pressed in by a large shop press. Poly bushings are easy to install for the do it yourselfer and really help tighten the ride quality of your Suzuki. All bushings kits include bushings and sleeves only.

Great for use with any aftermarket lifted spring or our stock replacement springs available on the Rocky Road website.

If you have need of individual bushings, please just give our store a call.

Poly spring bushing kits 




Samurai Greaseable shackle setup

You want the ultimate in squeak free smooth riding suspension? We do you right with greaseable shackle bolts and special slotted greaseable bushings, front & rear. Really provides for a free-flowing smooth-riding suspension.

This kit will include the bushings, sleeves, and all new greasable hardware.

Greaseable shackle kit - $119 



Samurai Greaseable Bushing setup for entire vehicle

Truly the ultimate in setting your entire Zuk up for a smooth free flowing ride. This top of the line bushing kit includes all bushings and greaseable bolts for the entire vehicle, front and rear on all four springs. No more rusted bolts, squeaky bushings, binding suspension parts. This kit is truly for the Samurai suspension connoisseur.

This kit will include the bushings, sleeves, and all new greasable hardware.

Complete Greaseable Vehicle kit - $149 



Samurai Body Mounts

Polyurethane Samurai Body Mount Bushings

Sick of watching those factory rubber body bushings decompose and feeling helpless about it? So were we! Introducing a full Samurai body mount kit for your Samurai. These bushings include ever spacer and pad nose to tail on your vehicle. The Samurai body mounts come with a lifetime guarantee. They also come in red to add some spice to the look of your vehicle. Instructions and full vehicle schematic are included to make this a straightforward installation.
  Full Poly Body Mount kit - $248