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2 Inch Suzuki Samurai Body Lift
(also fits SJ410 and Sierra)


Why Use a Samurai Body Lift


We used a 2" Samurai body lift on top of our 4"er suspension to fit 33" tires on our TONKA Samurai as pictured left in Moab, Utah... and NO, the picture is not tilted... and YES, the pucker factor was high! If you've been looking for some extra boost to your project, we've got just what you need.

Forget the hassles and complications associated with 3" Samurai body lifts. They are too complicated for any mortal do-it-yourselfer to tackle. 3" kits really mess with your steering and shifter systems. The steering Ujoint with 3" body lifts often binds up creating potentionally dangerous situations. You also end up having to chop up your floor and center console to make room for the shifters since they move so far with 3" body lifts.

Saving that extra inch by going with a Rocky Road 2" Samurai body lift instead saves you ALOT of headache which is why we're so confident you'll love our 2" Samurai body lift system. Our simple kit allows you to bolton 2 extra inches in just a couple of hours. Very beefy construction and easy instructions. No drilling or modification to your vehicle is required. Our oversized high density spacers provide maximum stability over any other kit on the market.

Lifetime warranty on all body lift parts. Unique machined sleeve and nut assembly allows you to just screw each body spacers into place in a minute or two. This kit is not only simple, but very safe as well. Other kits will require an additional hour or two of installation time and are all made in China. Rocky Road kits are the only body lift kit on the market made int he USA, and we will save you at least and hour or two in installation time over any other kit!!

Our Samurai body lift also works for newer coil spring Suzukis (never sold by Suzuki in North America)

Check out an installation article from a few years back on IZOOK for the Sidekick
which is a nearly identical body lift system to the Samurai.
Click here

2" Samurai Body Lift - $109