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Chromoly Samurai Axle Kits, Heavy duty



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Samurai Axles

As we continue to push the limits of our Suzukis, we continue to exceed the engineeering strength of the stock components. The original engineers in Japa had no idea we'd be running 35" tires and driving over obstacles like the one pictured at left.

So if you are sick of breaking Samurai front axle shafts, the all new 33 Spline Chromoly Front Axle Shafts put an end to an over 2 decade old problem!

Engineering on these kits started ground up and designed an all new axle shaft utilizing the latest axle shaft technologies perfected in competition rock crawling and racing.


Samurai Chromoly Axle Advantages

All components are made from 4340 chromoly heat treated material with all heat treatment done after machining, not before.
Inner axle shafts are larger in diameter, upgraded from 22 spline to 26 spline.
Inner axle shafts are fully machined or "necked down". This process is more expensive than simply making a shaft one diameter, but the extra cost is well worth it. By properly machining down the axle shaft, you end up unloading the axle shaft splines and are able to distribute the entire load throughout the shaft. Otherwise, the splines would take the brunt of the load and become the weak link.
Front oil sealing surfaces are kept to OEM specification. This is only possible with an inner axle shaft that is fully machined.
Patented birfield cage design adds vital strength during full turn high torque loads (US Pat # 7,025,684).
Birfield and inner axle shafts come fully greased and assembled just like OEM. There is good reason to do this too besides the obvious "it makes life easier". When a birfield joint is brand new it is critical that all bearing surfaces are properly greased and greasing a birfield joint is most effectively done prior to installing the axle shafts. Therefore, all birfields are greased prior to the installation of the inner axle shafts and then the inner axle shafts are installed and locked in place.
All parts come with a "Limited Lifetime Warranty". You break your first part, the manufacturer will replace it for you hassle free. After your first warranty claim, all parts are covered for life from defects in material and workmanship.
Every part of this kit, from design to manufacturing, is proudly done in the United States of America.

samurai axle 

 Pre-greased Birfield joint and axle.

Includes inner axles, birfields and C-clips

Please note, to install these front axle shafts into your Samurai, you will need to run 26 spline side gears in your front differential. This can be done by installing OEM rear side gears into the front or by purchasing a locker that already includes 26 spline side gears (see our 1530 Lockright Locker for example).

Forged from SAE-4340 high strength alloy steel, the Samurai axles are heat treated twice to achieve the desired hardness. The combination of steel and heat treatment results in an axle that exhibits greater tensile and torsion strength. Overall strength is estimated to be at least 30% greater than stock Samurai axles, and wear resistance is improved considerably.

If you have been thinking about custom axle upgrades but have been cringing at the high cost from other companies.... fear not. Our kits make the upgrade as simple as can be. You have no reason not to upgrade now!



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