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Samurai 1.6 Engine Swap

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samurai 1.6

1.6 Sidekick or Tracker Engine Swap to Samurai

Picture shows the 1600cc swap kit and optional fuel pump kit.
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EZ, inexpensive, bolton Power.... its what many Samurai people dream about at night.
WAKE UP... the answer is here!

Our 1.6 liter engine kit allows you to bolt in a 1.6 "Big Block" Suzuki (Sidekick or Tracker) engine to your Samurai for that extra power you dream of... and deserve. A bolt-on install kit with mounting hardware and very complete detailed installation instructions. For folks with carb'd engines, pick up an 8 valve 1.6; or for EFI Samurais, grab ahold of a 8 valve 1.6... or if you're up for the challenge of some wiring, plug in a 16 valve 1.6 and hang on!

samurai 1.6Our mounting system utilizes CAD laser cutting technology taken directly from Suzuki OEM engine and transmissions for extreme accuracy on every single adaptor unit we manufacture. Where other companies stop Rocky Road goes all the way with a wraparound mounting system for super strength. It is a mounting system unique in the industry and simply put, there is no stronger engine mounting kit on the market! Our engine kit carriers a lifetime guarantee against any Rocky Road part failure. No other company offers such a confident guarantee.

A typical 1600 engine upgrade pictured at right. All simple and bolton.

Kit includes tranny mounting bracket, engine mount relocators, and all necessary hardware to make this engine swap kit an easy install; including VERY detailed instructions on what you need to look for in a 1.6, power gains, and the misc components you'll need to make this swap work quickly, and correctly.

Some people ask about ENGINE MOUNT changes, as some kits have these and they look nice sitting in the picture on your computer screen. Unfortunately though, those circular bushing style mounts transmit bad vibrations from the engine to the frame, and into your Zuk. We recommend against those bushing style mount kits. They may look like a cool upgrade, but unless you like sitting on top of your engine while it wobbles around... all day, every day... just stick with the standard rectangular rubber mount setup, which is what our kit does.


Samurai 1.6 Engine Swap

This swap is inspector friendly. The 1600cc and 1300cc engines look identical. No one but you needs to know you have upgraded to a bigger better engine. If your Samurai passes emissions before the swap, then you will pass after (assuming of course you are swapping in a well running motor).

Please note that the 1.6 oil pan is recommended for use since it has a higher capacity than the 1.3 oil pan. Use of the 1.6 oil pan requires a couple inches of lift though. The 1.3 oil pan can be used but will require modification to the sump and the pickup (not recommended).

See why Rocky Road is THE leader in Suzuki Samurai engine conversion systems and pick up your 1600 swap kit today!!!



Samurai 1.6 Engine Swap Info

Over the years there has been a great deal of interest in the 1600 engine swap for the Samurai. There are no modifications required to the intake, exhaust or wiring systems. You can re-use your stock 1300 manifolds, distributor, flywheel and clutch. You will need to use the 1600 starter and alternator. It is possible to use the 1300 starter with some modification to the engine block.

You will have to install an electric fuel pump if you have a non-fuel-injected Samurai. The 1600 head does not have provision to bolt on the stock 1300 mechanical pump.

The 1600 8valve engine can also accept modifications such as the Thorley header, MSD ignition, and other great components to help soup up your new setup.

Even without modification to your 1600 engine you can expect to gain up to 25 horsepower over the stock 1300 motor using a fully bolt-on kit.




Samurai 1.6 Engine Swap Kits

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Samurai 1.6 Bolt-in kit
Fuel Pump (for carburetor)
OEM Clutch kit
Includes:Disc, Pressure Plate, Alignment Tool, Throwout, Pilot