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samurai lift installation

Rear Spring Swap Kit - Samurai RUF Lift Kit



Samurai ruf KitThis is the one, the original, the top-dog Rear Up Front spring swap kit. Rocky Road pioneered this system in the mid-90's when we were looking for a simple way to do a minor Samurai lift kit and improve the ride quality. Others have tried to copy it, but always come up short trying to cut corners while trying to beat our prices.

We created the system of moving a set of rear Samurai springs up to the front for a few reasons. To begin with, rear springs are longer than the fronts....

RUF kit pictured.
Comes with bushings for the rear of the spring (not shown).

Longer springs mean more articulation for your vehicle and also a smoother ride. You'll also typically get about 3/4" more lift by using rear springs up front over front springs. This holds true for not only stock springs but also lifted springs if you want to tweak a bit of extra boost for your front end.

Samurai lift KitThe kit comes with a rear mounting assembly that pushes the shackle forward just a little bit which really helps soften up those rear springs for a great smooth ride. The majority of the extra length on the springs is pushed to the rear though. We include an axle relocation system to correct the axle position and move it back forward since the springs have shifted to the rear.

We also give you new bushings for the rear of the springs (non-shackle end). It is often impossible to remove the spring hanger bolt since it becomes frozen into the bushing sleeve. This means the bolt is cut, and the bushings are trash. We provide new bushings since 9 out of 10 of your will need them anyway.

The Rocky Road RUF system makes it so that no cutting or welding is required to get some great extra flex, excellent ride, and a bit more lift on the front. Its also a great way to compensate for additional weight on your front end from an engine swap, or maybe a heavy front winch bumper setup.

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  Rear-to-Front (RUF) Spring Swap Kit - $149