Suzuki Samurai Stability, Rollover



We are often asked about the stability of the Suzuki Samurai. How if you lift it, does it roll?

The answer is that anything if driven stupidly enough can be rolled. The controvery arises from Consumer Reports releasing disputed claims that the Samurai was unstable and unacceptable.

The truth is that the chief testor for CR found the Samura to be the most stable in its class at that time. He was unable to get a tire to come off the ground with 16 test runs on the extreme course CR used. He rated it as easy to control. After an additional 21 runs thru the course, the Samurai remained stable and gave it the highest rating possible at that time.

Senior CR officials demanded more testing beyond the testing standards and demanded that the vehicle be pushed to its rolling point. A lengthy lawsuit ensued, but the Samurai sales had crashed by the time the truth was known.

For more information, documentation, and the full story of CR's war on the Samurai, we recommend viewing this video on MySpace by clicking on the logo



At Rocky Road we have always been fans of the Samurai and even with lifted, maintain that with standard defensive driving habits, the vehicle is a safe and fun 4WD vehicle.

Have fun, and build the toy of your dreams with Rocky Road Outfitters.