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tracker sidekick lift installation

The Rock-Steady 4.5" Sidekick/Tracker Lift Kit



tracker liftRocksteady lifted Sidekick sporting 31" BFGs... in bad need of a serious car wash!
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Best Sidekick/Tracker Lift Kit

This awesome system allows you to bolt-on 4.5" of lift to your Sidekick or Tracker using OLD MAN EMU components!!!
Works for newer Canadian built Sidekicks and the usual Sidekick, Tracker, Vitara armada. It is also the only system on the market to work with Sidekick SPORT models. Our system does not reduce clearance with A-arm lowering kits, or bog down your installation with brackets and spacers that are 100% unnecessary to get factory spec on camber and alignment. Instead, you enjoy the full benefit of your suspension system with maximum suspension clearance, simplicity, and off-roadability. Any alignment shop can use camber bolts or a number of other items with our system to put you right back to factory spec!

tracker liftYou also get better flex from a suspension using longer front strut than others which use STOCK length struts with spacer brackets stuck on top. Stock length struts and spacers? A great way to lower manufacturing cost by selling the same parts you can buy at your local auto parts stores, but not the best engineering for the best suspension lift system.

Click on the small picture for larger view of 4door Sidekick with the Rocksteady

Sidekick/Tracker Lift Springs

Our Rocksteady Tracker lift system also comes with springs available in a variety of spring rates. Think you're going to get a smooth ride in your softop 2door if the springs have been designed to hold up to the weight of a full hardtop 4door? Think again! Planning on adding a winch bumper up front? A larger spare tire in the rear? A rack? Running a hardtop or softop. All of these modifications people make to their vehicles change thew weight of the vehicle, the load carrying requirements of the springs, the handling of the vehicle. If you're considering a kit where "one size fits all" you're simply not getting the best ride you can for your vehicle. We have close to 20 different springs available for our lift systems to fine tune your suspension for optimal handling and ride quality. Ask how many options the other shops have...

tracker liftThe main thing that sets our kit apart from our competition though is the ride quality and Old Man Emu equipment... the undisputed best quality suspension manufacturer on the planet for any vehicle.

We receive emails and calls from plenty of customers who also purchase our kit after having already spent money on our competition's lift. One customer even titled his lift purchase from another 4x4 company as "my-big-fat-suspension-mistake".

SYLVAIN CATAFORD's 2004 Grand Vitara from Quebec, Canada.... outfitted with the RockSteady lift system.
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Don't you make the mistake of being sucked into buying a poor riding Sidekick/Tracker lift simply because it is more heavily advertised or available from your local 4x4 store (who most likely known nothing specific about lifting your vehicle anyway). No one can legtimately dispute that Old Man Emu is the best engineered and riding components on the planet... no one! Stay with Old Man Emu, stay with Rocky Road, you will have the very best riding and durable suspension on the planet for your vehicle.

We're also happy to announce to Sidekick SPORT owners... our lifts will work for your vehicle! The other guys, no, nada, nothing.


tracker lift tracker lift

Does this full system work on 99+ Trackers, Vitaras, and Grand Vitaras? Of Course it does!
Why get stuck at a simple 2.5" kit from our competitor that cost $900+.
Get yourself some real lift for a couple hundred less.
Pictured above is a Rocksteady equipped 99' Tracker with 30" tires. 


Sidekick/Tracker Lift Kit Contains:

Old Man Emu springs. OME Springs are well known as the best riding springs on the planet for Suzukis and Trackers. Old Man Emu springs come in various choices of spring rates so you can fine tune your suspension ride as you like. Other companies with lift kits farm out their springs to the lowest bidder. This is why they ride so stiff. OME builds their own springs and has the formula perfect! If you are looking for a nice ride out of your lifted suspension, experience the delights of an OME suspension. One size does not fit all. The other guys put the same springs on a 2 door softop as for a 4 door hardtop. That means you get a spring not designed for the weight of either vehicle. Let us help you fine tune your ride quality with our various spring rates available specifically built for each vehicle. The only other kit on the market uses a one size fits all mentality. Bottom line is the competition's lift kit rides stiff and people just aren't happy when they drive it.
PLEASE NOTE: Spring rates are based on Rocky Road charts, experiences, testing, and may vary from OME's published generic information. We're using real world test data to provide the best fit and choice to our customers. If you want a specific part number that may differ from our own R&D, call in to place your order and specify.

Steve Shoop's 4.5" Rocksteady Equipped Sidekick playing at the Moab Zukfari. Click on pics for larger views.
tracker lift
tracker lift
  British Escudo!tracker lift
Rocksteady on an X90Suzuki x90 lift kit
For some more interesting engineering information on the quality and construction of OME springs, please click


LONG TRAVEL STRUTS!!! These are NOT stock-length struts as with other kits which are packaged with OME springs (such as Low Range), or by CALMI-ifornia lift kits. These struts are inches longer than anything else on the market, for a true, long-travel front strut system. THE ONLY ONE ON THE MARKET.
The strut is tuned for the weight of your vehicle, handling characteristics, and your articulation needs for a lifted vehicle. NO OTHER COMPANY does this.
Notice also that the other kits use a spacer for their struts.... this is BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO SHORT and as a result WILL limit wheel travel! Bottom line, every other lift kit provides stock wheel travel and NO improvement in ride quality. Our LONG-TRAVEL struts are designed perfectly for on & offroading at this lift height.

LONG TRAVEL REAR SHOCKS. We've been around Suzukis and Geos for awhile and have designed a shock line to deliver a nice comfy ride quality for this lightweight vehicle. Our shocks not only ride soft though, they are a great long travel shock that won't hang up your suspension flex.


1 1/8" Coil Spacers. Our simple coil spacers boost your suspension up another inch without changing the ride quality of your Old Man Emu springs. This means you get the highest clearance suspension under the differentials available today; a true 2.5" of suspension lift (if not a wee bit more). Other "taller" kits have components that actually lower the clearance. The Rocksteady is all pure lift and offer better ground clearance than other 3" lift kits. Our coil spacers are guaranteed forever and compliment the incredible ride quality of the OME springs very nicely.


2" Body lift. We round out our 4.5" package with a 2" body lift. A system built out of simplicity and designed to get around the headaches involved with 3" body lifts. No cutting and welding your steering system, hacking into the brake lines, or any of the many other headaches with the 3" body lifts. Included is service of extension to your stock shifters if desired. We do recommend you read more information about our body lift kit which is included in this combo system


Steering extension kit. New rack and pinion equipped vehicles have a steering system that can get in a bit of a bind with a body lift. We highly recommend picking up the steering extension kit for these 1999+ vehicles. They are exclusive to Rocky Road and provide an added measure of safety with our complete lift system.



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tracker liftClick on the picture for a link to the ZUKIWORLD suspension installation.