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Rock Shifters by Rocknob



rock shifter knobsRocknobs are a hand-crafted gear-shift knobs made from river rounded rock found in the mountains and deserts of Utah. We carefully choose each rock so that it comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. Carved into every RockNob is our unique lizard petroglyph, found only on an authentic RockNob. No two Rocknobs are exactly the same, so yours will be the only one of its kind! rock shifter knobsGives a custom fit to your vehicle, and a finish that enhances the natural color of the rock. Rocknobs are a great item for all 4WD enthusiasts, and certainly a MUST for those who love to play in the rocks! They also make a great inexpensive gift for that hard-to-buy-for 4WD enthusiast in your life.

Whether you climb rocks with rubber treads or rope and pitons, you are going to dig your RockNob, we guarantee it! So, take a look at the various selections of rock type, grab a piece of mother earth and ROCK YOUR STICK!

rock shifter knobs
We have Rocknobs to fit most any vehicle with a stick shift, so, if you have an outdoor lifestyle, or maybe your car just loves the outdoors, you NEED a RockNob. Get a different RockNob for each terrain you love to drive! (Sorry, we don't offer concrete or blacktop Rocknobs :^)




rock shifter knobsTimpanogos Rocknobs are made from river rounded rocks found on the ancient shoreline of Lake Bonneville. Robert Redford's famous Sundance ski resort is just over the summit on the back side of the mountain.

Timpanogos Rocknobs vary in appearance because of the many types of rock that come from nearby canyons. This is a geologist's dream-world. There is black dolomite (some with ancient fossils), gray limestone with white strips of calcite, red and white quartzites, rust-colored limestones and many more. Timpanogos Rocknobs are by far the most interesting and beautiful of the Rocknob family.

Timpanogos Rocknob - $32.50




rock shifter knobsMoab RockNobs come from a quarry in southern Utah. Anyone who has been to Moab can attest that there's nothing like red-rock. We call them Moab because of the red tone that they carry. The rocks are beautiful in color and variety, raging in hues from the deepest earth red to a deep brown. All rocks are river rock, and fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Our Kokopelli petroglyph is most "at home" on a Moab RockNob, you can almost feel the sun.

Kokopelli is a figure commonly found in petroglyphs and pottery throughout the southwest. Since the first petroglyhs were carved around 3,000 years ago, he predates even Oraibi, the oldest continuous settlement in North America. He is regarded as the universal symbol of fertility for all life, be it crops, hopes, dreams, or love.

Moab Rocknob - $32.50




Works for threaded transmission shifters as well as most transfer case shifters.

We currently don't make "press-on" Rocknobs. If you can't unscrew it, we don't do it... sorry.