The World's Most Portable, Affordable, Powerful and Versatile MIG Welder! Connect to 2 batteries and weld 20-45 minutes.


Or, using the Ready Welder II with the Premier Power Welder, you can control the engine speed which will give you more adjustment to fine-tune your amperage . . . which in turn allows stable heat while welding. By connecting the 8' wire gun with your 25' welding lead cables, you will have a MIG gun 33' from your vehicle.









 Technical data

 Can be powered by 2 or 3, 12 volt deep cycle batteries or by most traditional welding machines

 Super charged at 36 VDC weld up to 3/4"
steel at 270 amps

 100% Duty Cycle with gas.  50% Duty Cycle with Flux-core wire

Thumb wheel adjusts wire speed from 50"/min.
to over 900"/min. Wire feed automatically increases/ decreases amperage

 Uses any 4" spool, sizes: .023 to .045, and uses standard #2 Tweco consumables.

 Tough heat resistant plastic light weight case

 Welds 1/2"steel, S.S. & 3/4" aluminum

 RWII can run on automotive or smaller batteries, but deep cycle marine are recommended due to the ability to recharge 100's of times without damage to the batteries.

 2 Year Warranty

In a nutshell. You can hook this unit up to an existing welding system for the ultimate trail or home-shop welding machine, or you can hook it between 2 batteries for a great way to fix yourself up on the trail. Very easy to use. Not only perfect for the advanced welder, but also the first-timer. This is serious trail insurance. Make sure you can get home every time with the Ready Weld.

Ready Weld kit - $549