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Dodge RAM rock slider installation

Ram 1500 Rock Sliders and Step kits

"If only titanic had had these on..."

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Dodge ram 1500 rock sliders
trx rock slider kit
No loss of ground clearance.

Ram side step rock slider

3rd gen RAM rock slider step
Dodge ram rock slider
TRX rock slider
dodge ram true rock slider
dodge ram true rock sliders
ram rebel rockslider
best ram rock slider
best ram side step
Dodge ram rock slider
ram rock slider superslider
Superslider kit...
all others pictured above are Kicker style kits.
damage from not having rock sliders in time
Don't Let This Happen To You!!!
An easy dirt road led to sliding into a stump & his 2022 truck was smashed. He didn't buy his Rock sliders in time. Get your RRO Rock Sliders today & protect your truck! Weak factory steps won't do anything.
trx rock slider step kit

Ram 1500 Rock Slider and Step kits - they work with the larger 33 gallon tanks!

Click pictures for larger views of our Full Cover Kicker Rock Slider.
This is a TRUE rock slider!

From Patrick Sarne and his RAM says...
"I just finished installing the sliders on my 2022 RAM and could not be more pleased with how it turned out. SO EASY to install and fit/fishing look fantastic. THANK YOU for a great overall experience."

NOT light duty 'show bars'... Not poorly mounted kits, like the factory one or other lightweight 'step bars'.
Rocky Road RAM Rock Sliders are THE ANSWER!!

Yes, you may find cheaper and more poorly designed sliders than Rocky Road, but RRO kits are the best built in our industry, lifetime guarantee, ramped ends instead of 'ramming' ends, strong enough to easily handle a Hilift jack (whereas most others will not), bolted mounting systems (NEVER WELDED!), powdercoat finish, available in several different styles and levels of side impact protection.

NOTE: Our mounting system simply cannot be bent or damaged. We pick up these trucks with forklifts with our rock sliders. The kits are mounted to heavily reinforced structural collision panels on the vehicle, and the engineered mounting system is stronger than any simple frame mount setup on the market. It is a more complex and well engineered mounting system than a simple frame mount and our lifetime guarantee backs that fact up!

The only way to truly protect your truck is with a set of Rocky Road rock sliders!

RAM 1500 Truck Rock Slider kits

We use thick inner hitch steel to make sure your bars do NOT bend! Anything else is just plain flimsy. Most other "rocker slider" kits are made from 1/8" wall or thinner material.... truly flimsy. Don't group our kits in with those flimsy tube nerf bars as those will bend on a hard impact. As pretty as those chrome or black round tube jobbers may look, when push comes to shove, and rocks come to crunch, those kits will will bend.... and many times, they'll shove themselves up into the body causing vehicle damage when they do collapse.

Rocky Road Rock Sliders have a very sleek rounded look about them as we use genuine inner hitch steel in their construction. Hitch steel is not only very strong, it also has a nice radius corner instead of a hard boxy look. Inner hitch steel is the stuff you use to plug into 2" receiver hitches. Its sheer weight is astronomical as is its bending strength. Our shop press goes to 100 tons and we can't even start to bend them. Do you think a scrawny little rock can hurt these things?
Think again!

Why hitch steel?
Why not go with a lesser gauge steel to save production costs?
Because we wouldn't trust anything less to protect our vehicles and neither should you!

Notice our forklift test in the photos.
Try this wth any other rocker bar on the market, and you're going to do damage.
Rocky Road RAM Rock Slider kits are THE ONLY bars which can support the weight of the truck and are a TRUE Rock Slider!!

ram 1500 rock slider kit
ram 1500 rock slider supersliders ram 1500 rock slider kicker ram 1500 rock slider step
Rocky Road Rock Sliders
Rocky Road Superslider
RRO Kicker Rock Sliders
RRO Full Cover Kicker Sliders

Ram Rock Sliders... best Side Step the market

Our rock sliders are very simple to install and are 'bolt on' with no welding or metal/plastic cutting at all. Rocky Road rock slider kits can be installed by anyone at home. No vehicle cutting or modification is needed. Instructions outline the simple bolton process for installation. Save money doing it yourself and you'll be shocked at the short installation time! 

Our rock sliders are very simple to install and are 'bolt on' with no welding or metal/plastic cutting at all.
These kits are 100% bolton and can be installed by anyone.
Instructions outline the simple bolton process for installation. Save money doing it yourself and you'll be shocked at the short installation time! 
In a nutshell, Rocky Road RAM Rock Sliders are the strongest and thickest bars on the market, best mounting system, numerous superior engineering points.

Why wouldn't you get a set???

NOTE:Rock Slider kits DO work with the 33 gallon tank option.

WARLOCK OWNERS, contact us before ordering.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about the incredible strength of our mouting system and would like a discussion on this, please email us.
There are some incorrect beliefs out there from well-meaning, but ill-informed RAM owners about the strength of various mounting systems, and we are very happy to discuss this from an engineering standpoint.

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RAM 2500-3500 Kits, please click ram 2500 / 3500 rock sliders


NOTE: Your 2015+ 4th Gen RAM will either have fender flares, or have none. The REBEL and Laramie are example of models with fender flares.
Please make sure and order the correct kit... "with flares", or "no flares", for your 4th Gen truck.

PLEASE NOTE: Semi-Truck freight deliveries have changed and are no longer delivering to residential. These kits are too
large for FedEx/UPS and must ship to a commercial address, or a freight hub nearest your location for pickup, which we will arrange.

Strongest RAM Rock Sliders Select kit Click to add to cart
Heavy Duty RAM Rockrails - Powdercoated, one main slider bar
Heavy Duty RAM Supersliders - Powdercoated, main slider & additional outer tube
Heavy Duty RAM Kicker Rock Sliders - Powdercoated, main slider, outer tube,
          flared-out rear with Diamond Plate
HD Full-Cover-Kicker RAM Rock Sliders - Powdercoated, main slider, outer tube,
          flared out rear with Full Length Diamond Plate

f250 rock slider comparison

This photo shows a comparison between our kit (on the right), and our competitors' "rock slider" kits (on the left).
You can see they're using soup-can metal for their step slider systems. This should in NO WAY be considered a true
rock slider. The factory steps are the same weak material. Basically every other kit on the market calling itself a
"rock slider" is using the same tin can metal... except for Rocky Road.
This is why our kits are indestructible!

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