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grand cherokee installation

Jeep Patriot Offroad Parts & Accessories

Who says a Patriot isn't a 'real Jeep'???
Click on the picture to watch a YouTube video of the Mopar Extreme Patriot
rockcrawling at the 2010 Moab Easter Jeep Safari, built using Rocky Road parts!!!





Rockrails & Supersliders for
Jeep Patriot.

Not only excellent protection for serious
or casual backcountry exploration, but
also a nice step for roof access &
additional side-impact protection!

jeep patriot offroad bumper

Kits for winch & without, brush bars, light
mounts, a complete front-end
makeover for any year Patriot!

Jeep Patriot LIFT KITS

The same kit, THE ONLY authorized and
used by Jeep on their project vehicles.

THE ONLY Patriot kits
NOT made in cheap in China




Patriot Rack system.
Full Safari style rack systems. Lots of
accessories, low profile. Excellent for
offroaders, or anyone who wants a solid
rack system on their Jeep!



Patriot roof rails

Patriot Steel Roof Rail kit.

Required for our full rack systems,
but also a great upgrade to the flimsy
factory plastic junk they put on your
Jeep Patriot.



Patriot Control Arms

Jeep Patriot Control Arms

Adjustable Jeep Patriot Control
Perfect for Jeep lift kits missing the
necessary control arm correction.



Jeep Patriot roof top tent

Jeep Patriot Roof Top

Tent systems available!!

Our Rack components are so good, tent
manufacturers use them for their
own vehicles.

Hitch Skid Plate

Hitch Skid Plate