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Tow Hook kit for Jeep Patriot 



Jeep patriot tow hook kitJeep Patriot Tow Hook kits.

You don't have to be a hardcore rockcrawler or mud maniac to need a tug every now and then...

Heck, we helped a Patriot get unstuck from a snowy parking lot at a showshoe trail one time. He had no tow hook though and our only option was to strap around the suspension. It worked out, but we know these vehicles quite well and someone else trying the same could have damaged that Jeep. Point being... tow hooks are good for any vehicle, any time.


Tow hook kit comes complete with mounting hardware.
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While some guys might try sketchy 'cheap' fixes for this, drilling holes into their frame, trying to make low cost hooks work.... Rocky Road carries Jeep factory tow hooks which bolt right into place. These are definitely the way to go.

They're also becoming a favorite for folks adding on our front Offroad Bumper kits. Getting the tow hooks and a bumper upgrade at the same time... just makes sense. Check out our bumper kits if you haven't already by clicking Patriot offroad bumper