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Pictured at left is the Rocky Road Outfitters Suzuki Samurai.

Obviously its a very capable vehicle offroad, but more importantly the Zuk is 100% street legal and rides like excellent when punching down the interstate at 75mph, or just cruising slowly around town. RRO owner Glenn Wakefield uses this as his daily driver from time to time... but especially on beautiful sunny days.

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We really dig the custom competition tube frame Suzuki buggys you can find on other websites, but we love to drive ours around on a daily basis... not just tow it to competitions 4-5 times per year. So our company Zuk is a real-world vehicle which anyone could own and operate as their regular daily ride, and which represents the philosophy of our offroad parts too. Its great when someone can spare an extra $10-20,000 for a competition buggy Suzuki, but most Suzuki owners don't live in that world... and Rocky Road is right with ya!

At Rocky Road, we don't just 'sell' Suzuki parts.... we own, drive, and live Libertys! Rocky Road is well known around the world as one of, if not THE MOST knowledgeable shops on the planet for the Suzuki Samurai.

We are not one of those 4x4 chain stores or even like your local 4x4 shop that really don't even know what Suzuki parts exist until they start searching their catalogs. They will sell a 'brand name' lift or Samurai parts without knowing anything about how those kits really work, the problem you may encounter, troubleshooting.

When you shop at Rocky Road, you are dealing with experts in the Suzuki Samurai. If one of our staff cannot answer your question, they will always forward it to Rocky Road owner Glenn Wakefield who has been on the leading edge of Suzuki parts design and modification since the early 1990's. We support not only the parts for your Suzuki, but also the Suzuki community by donating regularly to Suzuki 4x4 events around the world every year.

If you've ever wanted to make a dream list of parts for your Samurai, check out what the Rocky Road Samurai has on-board and start making it happen. Pretty much all the parts you see in the list below can be purchased direct with Rocky Road.


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Sits perfect over the 35" Swampers. And all street legal!

This shot shows the Suzuki speaker-box, DP panels, Tuffy rear lower storage box, etc.
Pic shows the marine CB, cage mounted, with dome light.

It may look like a toy model, but it is a serious on and offroad vehicle.
8" rear coil suspension with 2" spacers for 10" total.
Front JPEater/SPOA combo kit with factory fresh HD rear Jeep springs.
Long travel RRO engineered shocks with EVS bumpstops
Long Travel Rocky Road engineered shocks.

Vortec V6 engine conversion.
High Flow/capacity Aluminum radiator
Custom Megaflow filter adapted to snorkel
Airflow Suzuki Samurai Snorkel intake system
2.5" exhaust with Magnaflow muffler

GM 200R4 automatic transmission
RRO rebuilt Transfer case with 6.5:1 gears
Differential lockers... ARB Air Locker
Heavy duty Alloy axles
Incubus Off-road 17x8" wheels
Rocky Road 1" wheel spacers (for wider stance, less rubbing, better on & offroad handling).
Super Swamper 35x15.50 TSL SX tires.
Super Swamper TSL 34x9.50 spare tires (keep the weight down in back).

Clarion Marine stereo.
Alpine Marine speakers and underseat subwoofer.
Factory Suzuki rear speaker boxes (very rare) with marine speakers.
Roll cage mounted marine CB with dome light attached.
Firestick CB antenna
LoJack car tracking device (for theft protection).

Custom re-upholstered JX front seats.
Rear racing bucket seat mounted to valve springs, on top of Tuffy box.
Tuffy rear security cargo box.
Tuffy locking center console box.
Diamond plate interior panels.
Herculiner floor covering.
6-point roll cage (yes, the tops do fit over it).

Audi Bronze pearl exterior body paint.
Bushwacker 6" fender flares.
RRO Windshield fol-down kit.
ARB Bull Bar front bumper.
RRO Half-door with panels (not pictured).
Rocky Road Crawler II rear bumper with corner sliders.
RRO Wheel-O-Fortune rear tire carrier, with spare hub and spindle assembly built-in.

Excellent approach and departure angles as you can see. Click on pic for larger view.

Our Zuk turns head's no matter where in the country we go. Click for larger view.

Rocky Road fuel tank skidplate.
Rocky Road Hi-Rock sliders.
RRO Differential guards.
Full Safari softop with roll-up sides and back window (not pictured).
Rocky Road rear mudflap kit.
IPF H4 Headlights with Magic J-blubs.
IPF Magic Fog lights (no longer in production).

Max-Axe multi-use recovery tool.
T-max 8500lb winch.
ARB on-board air system and tire inflation.
48" Hi-lift jack.

If you have any questions at all about any of the parts and accessories found on the Rocky Road Samurai, please feel free to send us an email. All emails go right to Glenn Wakefield who owns this vehicle