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Ford truck rock slider installation



Here you can see our Liberty tackling "Tipover Challenge" on Moab's Hell's Revenge trail. This is a 4+ rated obstacle that is much more tricky than it looks.

Most Jeeps bypass it, our Liberty ate it for lunch!


Not only is it a challenging obstacle to climb, it is a tough one not to roll over on.


  At Rocky Road, we don't just 'sell' Liberty parts like most shops do.... we own, drive, and live Libertys! Rocky Road is well known around the world as one of, if not THE MOST knowledgeable shops on the planet for the Liberty.

You find plenty of 4x4 shops that will sell a standard Skyjacker lift or Daystar lift without knowing anything about how that lift really works, the problem you will incur with those lifts (yes, they have engineering faults). When you shop at Rocky Road, you are dealing with experts in the Jeep Liberty. If one of our staff cannot answer your question, they will always forward it to Rocky Road owner Glen Wakefield who is our chief engineer and dedicated Liberty owner/driver. Make sure you don't get taken by a shop that knows literally nothing about your Jeep, chose the best and most knowledgeable and you will never have made a wrong choice.


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Our KJ currently has:

2.5" RockFather II lift kit.

ARB Bull Bar.

T-max 10,000lb winch

Long Travel Rocky Road engineered shocks.

p265/70/ r17 Mickey Thompsons.

Incubus Off-road 17x8" wheels

Rocky Road 1" wheel spacers (for wider stance, less rubbing, better on & offroad handling).

Rocky Road Spare tire relocator for full size spare.

Full factory offroad package & tow package.

Prototype High-Flow/High Capacity radiator

Rocky Road Underbelly skidplate.

Rocky Road Super-Sliders side armor.

Wilderness Safari rack with HiLift & 4 IPF 600 series lights up front.

IPF 900 Series Racing lights up front.

ARB Air Locker & onboard Air Compressor.

Early-on, at "work" in the Sluice Box on Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab

Once again, hard at work "testing" Rocky Road parts in Sonora, Mexico.

Prototype Rocky Road Megaflow high performance filtration system.

Prototype steel roof rails for replacing those flimsy plastic factory roof rack rails.

and more to come......