Every lift has its merits, and every Suzuki owner has different needs. This is why Rocky Road Outfitters not only offersSPOA lifts, shackle lifts, and Shackle Reversal lifts.... but also spring lifts! Anyone who tells you one lift is better than all the others in every situation, shows not only ignorance to the needs of Suzuki owners, but also to the varied requirements of modern on & offroading



We fitted our black Samurai with the Old Man Emu lift, the best lifted springs on the market. As you can see, the OME lifted Samurai fits extremely well over a set of 30" tires.


The Old Man Emu spring is world renowned as the best lifted spring available on the market for any make of vehicle, whether its a Land Rover, Toyota, Jeep, or even Suzuki. If you're thinking about a spring lift for your Suzuki, think about going with the best. Old Man Emu gives you extreme durability and the best riding lifted spring available for the Samurai. Forget unknown restickered springs, with OME you know who makes it, and you know the reputation for quality.


Another special feature we added to this black Zuk (which might not be noticeable to most folks) was to extend the wheelbase 2" inches to stabilize the ride a bit. This is easily done by re-drilling the spring pads and plates. We stock longer driveline spacers especially for this mod.



The Old Man Emu springs are also and excellent choice for those looking to fit 33" tires. Just put them on your rig with an SPOA lift, and you are perfectly set up for some great flex, a fantastic ride, & an easy 33" tire fit.

Picture of Jon Riggs' Zuk with Old Man Emu springs, a Spring Over Axle lift, and 33" tires.

Why are Old Man Emu springs the best???

The anti-friction pads use a graphite impregnated grease which reduces friction and prevents corrosion at the leaf tips.

The leafs are diamond cut and draw tapered.

The spring clips are loosely clamped, correct control is provided and prevents squeaking and scoring of the tension side of the main leaf which contributes to overall stress reduction in the leaf.

The leafs are shot peened. This process reduces stress in the spring by 100%.

For added safety the OME springs are of a military wrap design.

Flats are incorporated into the spring. This feature reduces the possibility of the dreaded rear end sag that is so common in other Suzuki lifted springs. Without a flat the spring eventually takes on the characteristic flat shape of the axle seat upon which it sits. When stressed the spring is then subject to deflection and is pulled from its center.

The springs are fully scragged and load tested.

With the extreme attention to the elimination of stress and friction, the working life of the springs is greatly increased over the OEM spring packs.



Only OME takes the time to put this much effort in building superior lifted springs. Get it right the first time, go with quality.


If you have tech questions on this or any other Samurai mod, send us an , or call.





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