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Powertrax No Slip Locker

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No-Slip Traction System

The Powertrax No-Slip Traction System is the latest design in locking differential technology. It combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the traction performance of a locking differential.

What does this mean? All manual (or full-time) locker kits on the planet use gears to 'lock' the differential. Lockers are all also designed to 'unlock' during street driving so you can go around corners smoothly and not chew up your tires. The problem with every other locker kit on the planet is that the transition between those gears being engaged and disengaged is a BANG/POP! They all can make for jerky driving with ratcheting noise. This can be totally overlocked by some people, or an unbearable distraction for others. Either way, every other locker kit on the planet will have this issue.

The NoSlip does not. It still uses gears which need to engage or disengage, but utilizes a clutch-like mechanism for the transition. This provides a smooth, quiet, and nearly "invisible" locker for your vehicle. You still get 100% traction when you need it, but without the issues that exist with all other locker kits on the planet

Installation is simple because no ring and pinion set-up is required. In addition, no special tools or oils are needed. Step by step model specific instructions are provided with every kit.

The No-Slip Traction System is the ideal solution for just about any light truck, sport utility, and muscle car on the road today. Whether you need the safety of added traction for daily commuting, recreation, work, or just so your muscle car puts power to the pavement instead of burning one wheel up, the No-Slip Traction System is your answer.

The No-Slip Traction System will significantly enhance the traction of your light truck, sport utility vehicle, or van by sending the engine power to the wheels that need it most. Yet on dry pavement, the No-Slip Traction System will allow for full wheel differentiation to prevent additional tire wear. Operation is smooth, quiet and dependable.

The No-Slip Traction System performs under a variety of rugged conditions. Whether it be snow, ice, mud, sand, gravel, or the street, the No-Slip Traction System will help get you to your destination. Its extremely rugged design has been tested and proven worldwide.

Only ultra strength material is used which is 67% stronger than titanium.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept return of lockers that have been installed. If you have any doubts or questions about your axle, please ask any questions to make 100% certain you are ordering the correct kit. You can email our store or call during business hours.

To assist in identification of your axle by looking at the shape of the differential, we have prepared a differential chart. Please click to go to the chart for identifying your axle type.

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How a differential locker works...

With a standard open differential (found in 4WD vehicles).... If one of the four wheels loses traction, lets say the right rear, the rear differential senses this as less resistance and makes that wheel spin. A spinning wheel does not move the vehicle. The other wheel on the same axle (on firm ground with plenty of traction) gets the same amount of torque as the spinning wheel. Not much. Both wheels together do not produce enough torque to move the car. A differential always distributes torque equally. The amount of torque generated at the wheel with the least traction determines how much the other wheel will get - the same amount of very little. Little torque because traction is low at the spinning wheel.

Should the right rear wheel have lost traction due to a height difference on the trail or some slippery situation as snow or mud, the left front wheel will also lose traction and spin even though the ground under the front axle is level. This diagonal wheel spin is very common. So, the right rear and left front wheels are spinning. Bottom line...YOU ARE STUCK!

Limited Slip Differentials, the name says it all, they limit wheel slip. They do not prevent wheel slip. They only limit wheel slip. Traction is lost later than without limited slip. Looked at another way, you will be stuck a little later. Traction will be lost when more torque is needed to move the car. Limited slip creates additional resistance and allows for a higher torque value to be produced at the wheel with less resistance. Even though LSD is a help in light duty situations it truly doesn't do anything when the offroading goes beyond a standard flat dirt road.

Fancy names like Trac-Loc are not differential locks - they are disguises for limited slip differentials.

Differential Lockers or diff locks are the only cure for the known shortcoming of differentials sometimes not distributing enough torque to the wheels as described above. Diff locks disable the differential's ability to sense resistance. By disabling (locking) the differential it is forced to send equal amounts of torque to the left and to the right wheel. This guarantees that any wheel with traction will receive torque to move the car.

Diff locks will make the difference between STUCK and still DRIVING.