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Hood Louver and Engine cooling kit

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Engine cooling Hood Louver kit

Real hood louvers - because heat is the mortal enemy of performance, engine life and under-hood componet life. Your engine compartment is like an oven (the temperature off exhaust manifolds can exceed 1000 degrees)... and it's cooking everything that's in it! You must get the hot air out of that cauldron before the cool air can come in - and hot air rises - so let it out!

Now, the world's first, universal-fit, pop-rivet-on, metal hood louvers-no need to remove, punch and repaint your hood!

Looks aggressive, even sitting still! Tired of the "stock" look? Make your street or race car, truck, tuner or S.U.V. look hot, while you cool off the engine compartment - two benefits for the price of one! Highest quality - made in the U.S.A.
Real Aluminum, so rust-free!
Universal fit... with a custom look!
Complete with do-it-yourself instructions and hardware.

Air flow through and out of the hot engine compartment is what these real hood louvers are about!

Click on this picture to view the short movie

Note the air flow, as seen by the movement of the tissue paper in the shot to the right. This is due to a combination of rising heat and the forced air flow by the engine cooling fan (at 1500 rpms). The “ram air” effect of the air being forced through the engine compartment and out of the louvers, as the vehicle moves forward, would add to the air flow through the louvers. Click on this picture to view the short movie.

NOTE: The fasteners shown in the movie are screws, not the Stainless Steel pop rivets (which are smaller).

Be aware that "cheap" Louver kits do exist out there and have had people ask about them. We have investigated those kits found on other websites and found they offer about 1/2 the airflow of these incredible kits. If you are considering one of those kits, ask yourself this simple question... Is the goal to save a little money up buying something that 'looks' close to the best on the market? Or is your goal to actually substantially reduce the running temperature of your Jeep? If it is the latter and you really do want real-world results, then the answer is simple... avoid those tiny little cheaper louver kits.

This great looking kit works for any model 4x4, any engine type or size, factory or conversion.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Hood Louvers:


Q: Are these the real thing?

A: Yes, these are the real thing! These are open hood louvers… and they really work!

Q: How do they work?

A: They work because hot air rises! Your cooling fan pushes the hot air out through the hood louvers. Before the cool air can come into your engine compartment, the hot air must go out. Without an escape, the hot air just sits there—and gets even hotter!

Q: What’s wrong with heat in the engine compartment?

A: Heat is the mortal enemy of performance, and the temperature off the exhaust manifold is often 1000º! An over- heated engine, heated intake air and heated incoming fuel hurt performance. It is also the mortal enemy of engine life and the life of under-hood components. Heat shortens the life of everything under the hood: radiator, heater and vacuum hoses; insulation on wires; steering flex units; delicate sending units and relays; and high-performance ignition systems. And more strain is placed on your cooling system to maintain the engine at proper operating temperature.

Q: Why is this critical?

A: Because if everything isn’t working perfectly and you find yourself in a traffic jam—on the race course or on the street—you might need the extra margin of safety heat escape hood louvers give you!

Q: How do I know these work?

A: After you install them and get your engine up to full-operating temperature, especially on a hot day, just try to hold your hand over the heat-escape louvers. Feel the heat pour out! In cold weather, with ice on your windshield, start your engine and let it warm up. Depending upon the placement of the heat escape louvers in relation to your windshield, the heat can actually melt the ice on your windshield!

Q: Is this a new approach to old, proven science?

A: Yes! We have pioneered this easy-add-on, universal-fit metal louver concept. Now, at a fraction of the cost, you don’t need to remove your hood, find a shop (few!) that can press louvers in your hood (usually $400— $600), then repaint your hood (another $200?) and re-install it.

Q: Are these desirable in the winter, too?

A: Yes, even in the winter, because heat inside your engine compartment reduces component life, year round.

Q: Are these universal fit?

A: Yes, these are designed-in flexibility, they contour to fit hoods from flat to curved.

Q: Can I paint these?

A: Yes, it is easy to spray paint them the body color of your vehicle, if you like. Buy a can of spray paint from the dealer or from a parts store. Paint them before you put them on so the stainless steel rivets will remain the natural color and be more noticeable—for that performance look.

Q: Are instructions and mounting hardware provided?

A: Yes! Concise, step-by-step instructions are included, along with stainless steel pop rivets -- and even the right-size drill bit! If you prefer, instead, you can use your own sheet metal screws or machine screws and nuts.

Customers Who Have Bought the
Hood Louvers Say:

"Your hood louvers are absolutely excellent!
Install was straight forward, instructions were
good, the louvers look great, and the temp
of the Jeep XJ has dropped 20
degrees F. And that's on the temp gauge.
The under hood temp dropped even more. Very pleased with the service, and responsiveness of your team, and your product."
D.H. Caytonsville, MD

"The louvers that I purchased from you are great. Very easy to install and look great too."
David D. – CA

"They do the job – they cool it right down!"
Jerry L. – Suffolk, VA

"They're just as advertised – they cool it down – they look great too!"
Barnard F. – Miami, FL (AC Cobra Race Car)

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Engine Hood Louver kit - $155