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Lexus GX470 Roof Rack system, low profile - stealth

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Lexus GX470 Roof Rack System, stealth low profile

gx470 Roof Rack

Available for your LEXUS GX470... the Rocky Road Adventure rack system.

One of the first things we heard about the GX470 was regarding the flimsy factory rack system. Its rated for less than a hundred lbs. WHAT? That barely holds most coolers if you're heading out for a weekend adventure!!! That's not only ridiculous, its a "must fix" problem!

GX470 pictures coming soon, this is our rack on a 4runner for very similar comparison!
Picture shows... spare tire mount, Max Axe, HiLift, IPF lights, fuel and water carriers

Click for larger view.

The Rocky Road Adventure rack can hold several times that stock weight rating. The only weak point in the system is your roof. The rack itself? It would hold a thousand lbs easy. So don't limit your world-class 4x4 to carrying sleeping bags and a fishing pole on the roof. Throw whatever the heck you want up top with out overbuilt rack system and take it to the ends of the world knowing our lifetime guarantee against bending or denting means you have the strongest rack on the planet!

And while we're at it Lexus... what's up with having the spare tire down underneath your vehicle anyway? On the trail it can hang up on rocks or other trail hazards. Plus, if you had a day like we had Fall 2008 deep in the backcountry of Southern Utah in our company 4runner.... we lost a front tire on the trail and when we went to mount the spare, it had a leak from dragging over some sharp object on the trail. Fortunately, we were equipped with pump and tire plugs to get ourselves home. Point being, its a bad idea to have the spare tire be a skidplate under your Lexus. Additionally, if you ever wanted to run a larger tire on your GX470 and wanted a full size spare? No go.
Check the mounting underneath your vehicle and you will see there's no room at all for even a tire one size larger.

At Rocky Road we've designed the first truly trail rated roof rack system and spare tire rack for your Toyota. This incredibly strong rack mounts to your factory rails very easily. All bolton, no cutting, drilling, or other modification needed. Mounts tight and secure for the most rugged on and offroad use. Perfect for the ultimate world safari expedition, or for just traveling around town while carrying your oversized spare tire.

gx470 Rack
Shot shows our front light mount bar and our can carriers, and HiLift. Click for larger view.
lexus Roof Rack
Shows side view of the axe/shovel mount, can carrier. Click for larger view.

GX470 Roof Rack kit, stealth low profile

While we were at designing the best tire carrier on the planet for the GX470, we added some additional optional features as well.

We have to start off with the primary reason for developing this rack system... the spare tire mount. Our kit uses a cool prerunner style mount with an easy to use T-handle for tightening and securing.

You can pack along extra items such as an axe, shovel, axe and shovel, or anything else with a similar handle using our accessory mount.

The HiLift jack mount gives you a nice secure place to store this essential offroad tool. We use an official HiLift jack mount kit which allows you to lock your jack into place if you wish. Holds jacks up to 60" if you wish.

Our forward light mount gives you a great place to mount auxiliary offroad lights such as the IPF kit shown in our pictures. Our mount puts them up high to get rid of that hood glare you often get from lower mounted overhead lights. Our light bars come with 3 or 4 light positions. You can use the center mount for other items such as a CB antenna, or as a satellite radio receiver button as shown in the picture at right. Can also be mounted on the rear of the rack as well.

Fuel or water carriers are a great item to have along for a weekend adventure, or your dream road trip. Our racks allow an assortment of fuel or water cans to be used which can be purchased from many auto parts stores, outdoor stores, or direct from Rocky Road. The single can carrier kit holds 2 containers. 


GX470 roof rack kit stealth low profile

lexus gx470 Roof RackThe Rocky Road Adventure rack system is built around a super sturdy 1.25" tube frame. All components easily bolt into place. Anyone in possession of a wrench can mount this kit up. All components come in a very durable black powdercoat finish and look excellent next to the factory roof rails. The whole system is UPSable to anywhere in the world.

Click on image for larger view.

This shot shows the base rack kit without any accessories mounted up.


Lexus GX470 Crossbar and mounting kit (ideal for RTT kits!)

ALSO AVAILABLE: For those who do not want the full rack kit, but just a set of crossbars on which to mount items like Yakima style bike mounts, Kayak mounts, or other Yakima (possibly Thule) accessories which may be mounted to round crossbars... the Rocky Road CROSSBAR KITs..

The Crossbar kit is also perfect for Rooftop Tent kits! This kit consists of crossbars which span from one side rail to the other (still requires our steel roof rail kit) and you can order in either a 2crossbar or 3 crossbar kit.

This kit is an excellent alternative to the flimsy thin crossbars we've seen, and certainly the stock ones from Lexus.
Did we mention those stock ones are flimsy? Ya... flimsy.

The GX470 4runner roof rack system is built around a super sturdy 1.25" tube frame. All components easily bolt into place. Anyone in possession of a wrench can mount this kit up. All components come in a very durable black powdercoat finish and look excellent next to the factory roof rails. The whole system is UPSable to anywhere in the world. 

Toyota roof top tentLExus GX470 Rack kit and Roof Top Tent

Rocky Road rail and crossbar kits are perfect for use with nearly all Roof Top Tent kits!!

We are happy to carry the two best RTT tent kits on the market at this time in kits which will perfectly mount to your GX470 if using the Rocky Road Rails and Crossbar kits... no fishing around for additional mounting pieces or scrambling to whip up your own DIY mounting setup.

Rocky Road is very pleased to offer these tent kits, the racks to support them, and also pleased that TEPUI used our rack kits on their own vehicles to display their tents in various sales literature and online. If you go to the Tepui website, many of the photos showing the tents mounted are using Rocky Road rack systems!

Click on the picture at right for more information and detailed pricing on RTT kits with free shipping!




Lexus GX470 Roof Rack - low profile

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The world has discovered that Rocky Road parts are the absolute best on the planet. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Please bear with us and understand sometimes the best things in life take just a little longer



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