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Land Rover Discovery Roof Rails, Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty Roof Rails for Discovery (STEEL!)

Discovery damaged stock roof rail

Picture shows the weak plastic/aluminum STOCK roof rail.
Notice not only the damage to the rail, but the roof itself!

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The Rocky Road rail system is designed for the Land Rover Discovery. As you may or more likely... may NOT be aware with your Discovery, the factory rail system is made from plastic and aliminum and have quite low weight and cargo ratings. This can make it very tough to carry proper offroad and Overlanding equipment. Well... Rocky Road to the rescue!

The Rocky Road Adventure rack system which requires these steel roof rails identifies a known weakness in the Land Rover's typical rack mounting kits, and that is the light-duty factory rails on the sides of your roof. At a glance, those rails may seem up to the task of loading and hauling cargo. But take a look at our photo to the left and you can see that this plastic and aluminum rail is not only prone to failure, when it goes... it can smash in your roof and damage the vehicle as well. To serious offroad and Overland enthusiasts, this is simple NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Take a look at the picture above for proof of what happens with the factory rails. This damage happened to us, it can happen to you! You can either hope it doesn't happen on a trip when reliability and cargo carrying is a necessity... or you can be smart and fix your rack setup BEFORE it becomes a problem!

Rocky Road steel roof rail kit.
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The Rocky Road Adventure Rack systems use a new steel roof rail which in itself has no weight limitations on cargo capacity. The only limitation then becomes how much you want to load on your roof (let common sense prevail, we recommend). The rails themselves though can hold thousands of lbs which means the entire rack system also shares the same incredible strength rating. You cannot and will not ever bend or dent our rack or rail system, guaranteed.

Our new beefy steel rail kit bolts directly to the factory mounting points in your roof.
Please note: Installation of the Roof Rails requires removal of the head-liner inside the vehicle. For some, this is no problem as a do-it-yourself project, others may find it more than they want to tackle. Any mechanic or even the Land Rover dealership can complete this upgrade on the roof rails for you.

Our new steel rails provide a VERY strong mounting system for the top of your Jeep. Whether you are using our Adventure rack, a Yakima or Thule round-bar mounted rack system, or any other roof rack mounted systems, our steel rails are an excellent upgrade for your Discovery. 

ONLY AVAILABLE for the Discovery I model at this time, which is all Discos up thru and including 1998.
Disco II model kits coming soon!


We absolutely encourage you to check out our incredible Adventure rack system (link is below) which compliment our roof rails perfectly. Rocky Road helps you get the most out of your Land Rover for any adventure! The incredibly strong Adventure rack mounts to the Rocky Road roof rails very easily. All bolton, no cutting, drilling, or other modification needed. Mounts tight and secure for the most rugged on and offroad use. Perfect for the ultimate world safari expedition, or for just traveling around town.

Take a look at our unique selection of Rocky Road Adventure racks

Discovery roof top tentLand Rover Discovery, Roof Top Tent

Rocky Road rail and crossbar kits are perfect for use with nearly all Roof Top Tent kits!!

We are happy to carry the two best RTT tent kits on the market at this time in kits which will perfectly mount to your Discovery if using the Rocky Road Rails and Crossbar kits... no fishing around for additional mounting pieces or scrambling to whip up your own DIY mounting setup.

Rocky Road is very pleased to offer these tent kits, the racks to support them, and also pleased that TEPUI used our rack kits on their own vehicles to display their tents in various sales literature and online. If you go to the Tepui website, many of the photos showing the tents mounted are using Rocky Road rack systems!

Click on the picture for more information and detailed pricing on RTT kits with free shipping!



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Land Rover Safari rack

Fully decked out Adventure rack system
mounted on steel Roof Rail kit.

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