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jeep liberty installation

Jeep Liberty Suspension Parts and lift kits


Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

Jeep Liberty KJ, 2002-08.

Our pre-assembled front struts feature the
new Under-The-Top
® strut cap system.
Its an undisputed fact now... there is
no better suspension on the planet for
your Liberty than the Rockfather.

Jeep Liberty Control Arms

Liberty upper control arms.

Less costly and superior engineering to
anything else on the market. Click for
more info on why this is fact...

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Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

The world's finest suspension available for
the KK Li
berty (2008 and newer).

The same famous ride quality & engineering
as our KJ Rockfather lifts.
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information & PICTURES!!!





Jeep Liberty Shocks

Rocky Road engineered shocks are
designed specifically for the weight
of your Jeep. Most shocks are built
for full-size pickups, then simply
sold to Jeep owners... not Rocky Road



Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

2.5-3" Budget lift (leveling).
Our newly re-engineered budget lifts
make a great lifting option for those
on a tight budget.




Jeep Liberty Bump Stop Extension

Jeep Liberty Bumpstop Extension.
Simple and inexpensive insurance
for your strut shocks when using
the stock upper control arms.
Another Rocky Road first
for your Liberty!




The Rocky Road install tool/kit.
This awesome little tool allows you to do a
complete strut disassembly and reassembly
at home. No more overpriced 4WD Center




Jeep Liberty Leveling Kit

Front Strut Trim Packer.
This little piece can be added to the
front strut for an extra 9/16" boost
to help level your Jeep.




Shock mounted suspension
bumpstops. A simple inexpensive





Jeep Liberty Control Arm

Stock Liberty upper A-arms AND more stock
suspension replacement components. Everything
for your suspension repair needs, without
the criminal dealership pricing!




Under-The-Top strut spacers.
By popular demand for Jeepers who purchased
other brands of lifts & want to upgrade
to Rocky Road.




Liberty Alignment tools.

Alignment problems? Rocky Road
is the first in the industry to offer
tools to help your alignment shop
get it right!




Liberty rear lift springs

Rear Lift Coil Springs.
2.5-3" lift rear coil springs, same
as in our Rockfather kits, now
available for separate purchase!




Jeep Liberty OME

Complete Old Man Emu suspension
systems & components for KJ Libertys.





Liberty lifting FAQ's:

For those looking for a bit more information on Rocky Road lift systems, please read below. Also feel free to email us with any questions at all on your Liberty.

No more guessing! Check out our awesome gear ratio calculator for all the stats you'd ever want to know on changing your tire size by clicking   

We get alot of folks asking why our maximum lift is only 3". We're very happy to share our early test finding. A 3.5" lift was our first design, though was never marketed. The main reason for this was that we destroyed 3 front axles (2driver's side, 1 passenger) before coming to the conclusion the Liberty CV joints could just not handle this amount of lift. When we moved to a slightly more moderate 3" lift, all problems ended. Some retailers who carry 3" lifts may not be forthcoming with this information, or may not even run Libertys themselves and so have no idea of the problem. Since we are a manufacturer as well as retail operation, damaged parts are a concern for us. Bottom line.... beware lifts over 3". The extra 1/2" may sound more cool, but you will "pay" more.... alot more, in the end. Avoid 3.5"+ lift kits.

Please note on all Jeep Liberty lifts (no matter what company): Installation of any lift on the market for the Liberty causes the upper A-arm to sit at a lower position. In about 5% of installations in lifting a Liberty, there has been reports of slight contact between the arm and the spring. This happens on all suspension lifts on the market by every manufacturer (except for the Rockfather). The contact is easy to fix by doing a slight bit of clearancing on the arm itself with something like a Dremel tool or die grinder. Most vehicles will not have to worry about this issue and our Rockfather system eliminates this possibility altogether.

Liberty having some fun down Mexico way.
The snorkel is custom and not available for the Liberty at this time :^(

Our coil spacer components found in some kits are guaranteed to last for as long as you own your vehicle.

All Liberty lifts necessitate longer rear shocks. Other kits comes with uncomfortablef Rancho (or other big brand name) shocks built for pickups and vehicle much heavier than your Jeep... but sold to Jeep owners. Rocky Road Engineered shocks are built specifically for your Jeep and we highly recommend them for all of our suspensions over other stiff shocks provided by all the 'big name' manufacturers. Just make sure to grease everything during installation and use the correct 12mm sleeves to avoid squeaks and rattles.

Camber adjustment on the front is not a problem. Even though our OTT system can be installed at home, with suspension modifications to any and all IFS vehicles (such as the Liberty), you should plan on having a professional computerized alignment performed to maximize tire wear and fuel economy. On the OTT system, you can reset your alignment following your instructions for short-term driving. Please do plan on having a professional alignment though.

Small shot of our Liberty with a 2.5" lift on Tipover Challenge in Moab.... it's tougher than it looks!

While our 2.5-3" systems can barely fit 265/75 tires, those tires can rub in certain situations and may require extra tweaking for proper fitment. We love the extra clearance and mean look of the taller tires, but some folks cannot accept any tire rubbing at all. If you are uncomfortable with a tire rubbing on plastic in any circumstance, consider going with the at least one size smaller, maybe two. For those who want the MAX setup, we have found this to be the 265/75 tires, on stock wheels, with a 1" wheel spacer. We knock down the lip on that protrusion at the rear of the front fenderwell. Just keep in mind the fit considerations we have raised before purchasing your tires.
Keep in mind these are only general guidelines. Actual tire sizes vary quite a bit from one model to the next even though the sidewalls all carry the same size stamp. We highly recommend you always install your lift first, then head to a tire shop for a test fit of a front tire before purchase. This way you know what is going to fit on your Jeep before purchasing the tires.

Little did we know when we sent Todd Cearfoss his Rocky Road lift kit, how much fun he'd start having. Heck.... even we're jealous and WE'RE THE 4X4 SHOP!!!
click on the pics for better views
Warranty issues are up to each individual dealership. While some dealers may sell a Jeep out the door with aftermarket lift, full locking differentials, and a full factory warranty... others will have a hissy fit if you change out the floor mats!

The rule of thumb is that warranty is only affected on the part you modify. If you change the seat in your Jeep, it won't affect your vehicle's fuel injection system, the engine, paint, or drivetrain... but you can be sure the warranty for your seat and seat mount system will be affected. Same goes for your suspension. You can expect a question of coverage on the suspension parts you modify, but as it does not affect your engine, body paint, drivetrain, electrical, a dealer will have no footing to say your vehicle warranty is 'void' if you change the springs and shocks.

All of our suspension systems are great systems. If you need help in deciding which might be best suited to your needs, please give don't hesitate to email us.