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cj lift installation

Jeep Liberty Strut Lift

Under-the-Top® Strut cap system. Replaces your factory strut with our revolutionary new strut cap.

Under-the-Top® mounted properly on top of the Liberty strut system.

Another view of a properly installed strut spacer.

Since releasing our new Under-The-Top strut spacers, we are receiving calls regularly from Jeepers who are looking for our new strut spacers to add onto their Jeep. These will give you about a 1.5" boost.

For additional information on our Rockfather system which includes these pieces, please click

Our strut spacer system is 100% fine for use with stock engine, the CRD diesel, having a front winch bumper, or any combnation of the above. The spacers are built to overkill standards and so can handle any amount of weight you want to stack on them.



The following information is also found on our Rockfather webpage in case it looks familiar...
There are 2 basic ways of lifting the Liberty. There are lifts that gain height from the use of springs, and those that lift from spacers used inside and outside of the strut assembly. Within those groups, there are then a couple sub-categories. We don't want to bash on the competition, but it is fair to share our years of engineering and testing with those shopping for lifts....

The first type of lift to touch on is any Liberty suspension lift that includes any type of internal strut spacer creates lift by crushing the front springs so that there is no uptravel (compression) left. For example... In the picture above showing our fully assembled strut, you can see our spacer on the outside on top. Now just imagine that same spacer on the inside of the strut assembly with the spring. The strut can't change length, it is always the same. So the spring is going to be squished more inside of that strut assembly.

For further illustration, imagine your Jeep on a lift with the tires off the ground. They will hang down. Now normally when you set the Jeep back on the ground the suspension compresses. This is how the suspension should act. With an internal strut spacer, the suspension is already compressed. The lower the Jeep onto the tire and they won't go up, they will stay in place rigid. This is because the springs are already crushed nearly to their maximum compression.

What does this mean for you? It means very stiff handling, a bouncy stiff ride quality, an unstable feeling at highway speeds. There are lifts that will take quality springs like the Old Man Emu and combine them with these internal strut spacers, but the end result is still the same. The springs are still crushed by the internal spacers, the ride quality is diminished from its ideal comfort level, handling suffers since the springs cannot cycle as engineered, and the warranty of those is 100% null & void since they are NOT being used in the way they were engineered.  

The second style of lift uses external strut spacers. These kits exist for the sole reason of saving money. If someone wants a lift on their Jeep in the least expensive fashion, these kits do the job and we do manufacture an excellent Budget Lift system. These kits do not diminish the ride comfort such as with internal spacer strut lifts, but they don't improve the vehicle stability, comfort, and handling like the Rockfather suspensions.

Third, you have suspensions that use lifted springs. These include some of the more well-known manufacturers out there. Often, the local 4x4 shop knows little to nothing about the Liberty, but they sell these lifts readily. What we can say about these suspensions is that we receive orders regularly from many customers who already own these other big name lift kits and just can't take the harsh ride quality anymore.

We only use external strut spacers to eliminate many of the problems listed above.



For the best in front lift spacer systems, there is no better engineered system on the planet than Rocky Road...

Jeep Under-The-Top spacer kit - $139