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Jeep Liberty Strut Installation kit / tool


We get it... alot of Liberty people really want to do their own installation for suspensions, and we fully support this! Offroad (4x4, 4WD) are VERY expensive when they perform suspension installation. Their hourly install rate will often exceed a couple hundred $ per hour. Doing things yourself is a great way to save money... to spend on more Rocky Road parts!

When you are wanting to use a simple suspension like our Budget lift, then no problem. These kits mount to the outside of the strut assembly and are all really quite a simple installation. No special tools needed.

The problem is when you get to a more upscale suspension system that requires disassembly of the strut. Removing the strut from the Jeep and reinstalling is all quite simple. Safely dismantling the strut is something else though. While you can do 98% of the work on these style suspensions (like our Rockfather not in fully pre-assembled form) in your own garage, folks usally end up having to have an alignment shop or mechanic do the actual installation of the new components to the struts.

Rocky Road is shaking things up with our new install tool much to the chagrin of overpriced 4x4 installation centers. With our new installation tool pictured left, all you need is a standard pump hydraulic jack and even a complete novice can do a full strut disassembly and reassembly. Our kit makes it safe and simple. The picture to the right shows an example of a Jeep Liberty strut in a standard style press. The picture is of a Rockfather kit with the new Old Man Emu strut shock, but works exactly the same with any strut shock... stock or aftermarket.

Our kit allows you to compress the strut assembly, access the retention nut on the top of the strut with a wrench, release the load on the strut to change out the spring and or strut shock, recompress everything and reinstall the retention nut on top. Our kit is probably a safer system that your local Jeep dealership uses.

You can buy the install tool outright for the full price as listed below. Or you can just "rent" the install tool by paying full price up front, and then returning the tool to Rocky Road for a refund less the rental fee of $40.

As Liberty owners ourselves, we really do want to help Liberty owners do as much as they can on their own and our new tool shows this dedication to the Jeep Liberty community. Rocky Road has always been and will always be the leader in the best quality parts for your Jeep Liberty.





Liberty Strut install tool
Return tool for purchase price refund, less $40 rental fee.