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EVS Bumpstops for your Jeep Liberty shocks


A great solution to bumpstops issues on your Jeep.

Daystar has developed designed this line of foam shock bump stops (EVS) install on any aftermarket or OE shock.

These foam isolators will enhance shock performance by softening your shock's compression, preventing hard impact at bottoming.

Daystar EVS foam bump stops come conveniently packaged in sets of 2.

They easily install over all shock mounts using the Daystar installation tool (sold separately). The installation tools can be purchased from Rocky Road and then refunded upon return. Rocky Road is the only shop to offer this service, others require purchase of the required install pieces with no return refund on this one-time use tool.

Pictured at right mounted on a leaf spring Jeep. Click the pic for a video including more information and installation. This is a Quicktime video (please forgive the first few seconds which will beep before the video intro)....








EVS bumpstops kits are no longer available