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Alignment help for Jeep Liberty problems

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This shot shows how the kit knocks the plug out.

Picture of the knock-out kit itself.

Rotary File, designed specifically for added alignment correction.

Jeep Liberty Alignment components.

Any time you modify a vehicle's suspension, you MUST have a front end alignment. Doesn't matter what suspension kit you use, what vehicle you have, a front end alignment is essential to safety, fuel economy, and tire wear.

The Liberty is blessed with a wide range of alignment adjustments because of the factory cam bolts and slotted mounting holes on the lower control arms. But Jeep, being the tricksters they are, released some Libertys without these factory installed alignment bolts, or with adjustment holes that are smaller on some Jeeps than on other Jeeps. So you go to an alignment shop, and there's little or nothing they can do

Rocky Road to the rescue!


Liberty alignment kit 1

While at a quick glance it looks like there's just a single round hole with a standard bolt in your lower control arms, Jeep actually has the slotted holes 'scored' from the factory. So the slotted holes are there, but there's a plug in the hole which blocks the alignment bolts. Don't ask us why Jeep did this and yours is the one in a thousand without the slotted hole, but the good news is we have the perfect little tool you need to pop that plug out and open up the alignment on your Jeep!!!

The punch tool is one we prefer to rent out. So the cost of the kit reflects the rental fee is a measley $10. When you ship the kit back to us, you will get a full refund minus the $10 rental fee! No other 4x4 shop treats their customers so well as Rocky Road to offer this type of arrangement. If you don't return the kit, then we just keep the full price as a purchase.

Once that knock-out slug has been removed, your alignment shop can then simply order in the Liberty cam bolts from their supplier, or even a local Jeep dealership to complete the job.


Liberty alignment kit 2

Jeep Liberty Rotary File. This is a high quality carbide rotary file, ideal for elongating the lower control arm holes on the Jeep Liberty. Great for use on Libertys that do have a slotted alignment hole, but happens to be one of those odd Jeeps with a reduced slotted hole size. We don't know why Jeep didn't just build all Libertys with the full size slotted holes, but some do have reduced openings which makes proper alignment a challenge, or impossible.

In the purchase box below, you will notice a Rotary Tool "rental" price and a "purchase" price. If you wish to rent the tool, you will be charged the full purchase price initially, but upon return of an undamaged tool, you will be refunded all but the $5 rental fee for this kit.

CAUTION: Always wear safety glasses when using grinding tools and equipment.




Jeep Liberty alignment tools