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In the Works!

Prerunner bumpers for your vehicle. Stay tuned as we present out newest line of prerunner bumpers. Super approach and departure angles, tough, winch ready, not expensive. We will ROCK YOU!

Security boxes from Tuffy. The top lockbox manufacturer in the world has your valuables' safety in mind. Open top vehicle need worry no more about theft.

Armor plating. Tired of skidplates from California based shops that don't fit right and require cutting to the skidplate or your vehicle? So are we! Stay tuned as we present a full line of underbelly protection that is inexpensive, easy to install, and does not require a cutting torch!!!

Front Lockright lockers! You read it right. We're working on a kit that will allow you to install a lockright into your front end. Don't expect this from anyone else, it'll be a Rocky Road Exclusive!

Rockfather suspension:First off, there is no set pricing or release date yet. We will post the information as soon as we know anything for certain. Asking us for information on this will not result in any real answers at this time unfortunately.
The main news is that we have made a major design change to the system which we feel will greatly improve the overall design. This change will cause the price to go up, but for those serious enough to do a 6" lift... you'll want these anyway. High angle CV joints will be used. These will allow the extreme amoutn of lift to be run WITHOUT having to drop the front differential. This means no loss of clearance on the front by having to drop the 3rd member to run stock axles. Our new axles will be FAR stronger than stock (the birfields are guaranteed against breakage), and will handle the angles with no problems at all. This may not seem like a major development, but check out those lifted Toyotas and Chevys with their whole front suspension dropped way below the frame to keep the stock axles happy. Our setup will mean you've got monster clearance and stronger axles.
2nd piece of news is that we will be using a coilover/strut assembly. Again, a bit more costly, but you'll be able to change out your springs easily to different spring rates, adjust the height up or down on the front end a couple inches. Just a far cry better than the spearate strut/spring setup our competition overcharges for... this suspension will make your vehicle world-class!


And much more......