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 Sidekick/Tracker bolton axle truss & diff protection



Pictured is the rear truss kit.
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Save your diffs and axles with Rocky Road skid trusses!

A complete bolt-on unit which provide skidplate protection for your differentials, as well as truss style protection for your axles to add protection in keeping your axles from bending upwards which is all-to-common on your vehicle.

We've bent so many axle thru the years, it ain't even funny. First time was kinda funny, but an annoyance when our locker stopped working. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times... it definitely was a problem and started getting reeeeaaaal expensive. Eventually we caught on though, wised up, and did something about the problem by beefing things up.

Trusses are great for the hardcore wheeler or even the occassional weekender who want some extra insurance against trail damage. Especially ideal for those who love mud and sand since hard and fast pounding is the usual culprit in bending axles.

This design is THE industry standard for bolt-on beefiness.

Extremely beefy construction and a great black powdercoating makes these a great and easy to install modification that absolutely anyone can do themselves.



Rear axle truss



 PLEASE NOTE: The kit is designed for Sidekicks and Trackers or equivalent foreign model. It will not fit on Grand Vitara or US Vitara models.