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Hardtop for Suzuki Sidekick or Vitara
Geo Tracker



Unfortunately the fire that hit the top manufacturer has put them out of business on Suzuki /Geo tops. They will not be manufacturing tops for our vehicles any longer.
Please browse our other fine parts selections for your Suzuki or Geo though by clicking

THE top of the line 'lid' for your vehicle. As one of the largest 2 parts companies on the planet for Suzuki and Trackers, we've been approached by all of the hard-top manufacturers to carry their tops. After examining all of the options available, we chose the one hardtop with the very best quality. Even if you see a top for sale a little less elsewhere, it is guaranteed to be a lower quality top than the Astro series. We've decided only to carry the best for our customers and THIS IS IT!

We carry tops to fit:
88-99 Sidekicks and Trackers
99+ Trackers

Please specify your vehicle and year at the time of order or you may receive the wrong top at your own responsibility.

The flexibility to customize your own top is not only unique, but extremely useful!

The hardtop starts with the base painted to your choice of basic colors. Please note: We will not color match... it nevers comes out exactly correct since your factory paint fades over time. All tops come in black. Custom colors are available at $119 additional cost.

All Astro Cap tops contain carpeted interior for good soundproofing, insulation, and great interior finish. Other tops have fiberglass interiors which are not only ugly, but noisy as well. This alone is reason enough to chose the Astro over any other. Beyond that though, it also has side windows with a 31% factory tint to keep heat down inside the vehicle and a real cool look. Fixed windows are factory standard, but you can also opt for solid sides or sliding windows.

All tops come standard with twin rear locking T-handles for the rear hatch as well as gas-assist struts to raise and lower.

Rocky Road has been solicited by all the top manufacturers thru the years. They all want us to carry their hardtop being that we are the 2nd largest parts retailer on the planet for your vehicle. Bottom line though, there is no other top on the market that compares in quality to the Astro.

While other top manufacturers look for ways to cut costs and save money, Astro has always been committed to manufacturing the best top, using the best components, and keeping margins thing for a great price! This top truly is the best in quality when it comes to fitting, noise, and durability. 

PLEASE make sure and specify your vehicle year in the special notes section of your order form. There are differences for some years and we are not responsible for any errors if there is no year specified on the order itself. 



 Astro Cap the top manufacturer recently suffered a fire in their manufacturing facility and currently working on getting back up and running again. Please call for estimated production times if you are in a hurry for your top. Thanks.


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