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Steering extension for your Suzuki Vitara
or Geo Tracker, 1999 and up.



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This kit is for use ONLY on Rack and Pinion equipped vehicles which are 1999 and up with body lifts, Vitara, Grand Vitara, and Geo Tracker.

The steering shaft on these vehicles can bind a bit with a body lift which initially leads to a strange feel, but ultimately may lead to catasrophic failure of your steering system.

This Rocky Road designed extension kit allows you to safely extend your steering shaft to ease the angle and reduce possibility of binding of the U-joint. Simple to install and requires no cutting or welding. Just a 12mm wrench and you are good to go!

Designed primarily for our 2" body lifts (since we feel 3" body lifts are dangerous and should not be sold), this will work on vehicle with those other taller body lifts. We still think 3" kits are dangerous in amny ways, but this steering kit will give you some margin of safety when using their lift kits... at least in the steering system.


  Body lift Steering Extension kit - $29