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Jeep Wrangler and CJ Ubolt kits



 Jeep Wrangler YJ, and CJ 5/7/8 Ubolts

Our Ubolts are a great upgrade for any suspension lift installation. Often the Ubolts on your Jeep are stock which means they are really quite old. While new Ubolts can be used again, old bolts will get rusty and may have points of fatigue not visible to the eye. In any case, when you are upgrading your suspension, our Ubolt kits make good sense.

Heavy Duty and made from high grade steel with loooong threaded legs to fit any thickness of spring.

One Ubolt kit will do the entire front, or rear axle depending on the kit you choose.

Pictured at left is our standard front Ubolt kit for the Dana 30 axle.




HD Jeep Ubolts