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Bar Pin Eliminators for Jeep Wrangler



Simple, inexpensive, attractive, and very practical shock adaptors eliminate the need for bar pin bearing shocks on various Jeep shock mounting positions. If you go shopping for shocks for your new lift, you'll notice that shocks with Bar Pins in them don't come in every length. Oops! Its possible there goes your new articulation.

Pictured at left for the TJ Wrangler.

Using BPE's opens up many more possibilities for shock applications and also allows for more articulation. Powdercoated for maximum corrosion protection. Heavily used vehicles will also frequently notice a thunking noise from their shock mounts. These are your bar pins which have egged your sleeves. Eliminate this problem with BPE's as well.

The most popular use for our BPE's is as a shock extension. Perfect for those people who are adding a bit more lift to their Jeep, just starting out, or simply have shocks too short to do the job. Front and rear are the same with our new design.

BPE shown mounted on rear JK Wrangler.
Click for larger image.

Kit does work for Rubicons, but stock shock bushings are vulcanized and difficult to remove. Rubicon owners expect some extra work for the BPE shock extensions. Make sure and specify your model as some Jeep require an additional bushing pack.

A very popular use for the BPE kits on the new JK Wrangler is to eliminate the tendency for the shock to pull to one side of the shock mount. You will experience this problem not only with the factory shocks, but also every aftermarket shock on the planet (except Old Man Emu). The shock pushes sideways off the bushing on the JK which leads to noise and faster deterioration of the bushings. Our kit eliminates this problem.

Available for all model Wranglers 1997 to present.




Jeep Bar Pin Eliminators