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CJ & Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper 1976-2006



jeep wrangler front bumperFor those Jeepers looking for a great high clearance bumper with incredible strength, great looks, and great design, look no further. This classic looking bumper gives you all those things at a price that is still cheaper than the factory 'tin foil' bumper.

Wilderness Jeep Bumpers are manufactured from 2” x 4” x 3/16” rectangular steel tubing. Try and dent these... you cannot.

Bumper ends are tapered for improved ground clearance and a nice finish. They also give plenty of room for those folks running super size tires. No interference at all.

All Bumpers come with a class II rated hitch receiver on the front, as well as two heavy-duty shackle mounts will accept 3/4” diameter pin shackles and work great for towing, extraction, or other heavy duty usage. In the shot to the left the receiver is covered by the optional license plate mount kit.

Each bumper is black powder-coated for durability and installation is a snap. If you can operate a wrench... you can install this bumper on your own.

Available for all Wranglers, Unlimited, and Rubicons thru 2006, as well as CJ's from 1976-1986. The bumpers come in 2 different widths to suit your own personal taste on how much a bumper should cover and to fine-tune the look you want. Any of the optional items can be bolted on at any time which makes this a great system to keep adding onto as your needs or budget dictates.

The bumper as shown above has the Pre-runner bar accessory. Obviously an awesome looking addition for added protection, coverage, and great looks. The Prerunner bar already comes with light mounting tabs included for lights up to 6" round.
The above shot also shows the license plate mount kit with a plate cover attached. This just slips into the receiver mount in a matter of seconds. Easily remove it for the trail if you wish, or mount it up on the pavement if you have fussy law enforcement in your area.
The Tow Bar mounting kit bolts to the clevis mounts in about a minute. Also removeable for the trail very quickly if you wish. Fits Hidden Hitch or Draw-tite adjustable tow bars perfectly... possibly others as well.

All bumpers come with winch mounting provisions should you choose to run a winch, though a winch is certainly not required. Works excellent with our line of Competition winches which you can read more on


jeep wrangler front bumper

License Plate kit

jeep wrangler front bumper

Light mounting kit

jeep wrangler front bumper

Tow bar mounting kit


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