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Jeep Sway Bar Disconnect Kit, all Wrangler and CJ



jeep sway bar disconnect
jeep sway bar disconnect
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Jeep CJ, Wrangler, and JK Sway bar disconnect kits

Sway bars are great as they keep your body from rolling and tipping around every corner. They really add to the stability of your Jeep. Unfortunately, they really serve to limit the vehicle's suspension travel as well.

So.... along comes the sway bar quick disconnect. With the pull of a couple pins, you can twist your Jeep up a substantial amount more thanks to your free moving springs.

Some designs out there are real tough to get back into alignment when it comes time to hit the road home, but these are much more forgiving than that.


Pictured to the left is a typical front sway bar disconnect kit (top)

...and a typical rear-style swaybar disconnect kit (bottom photo)


Jeep Sway Bar Disconnects with easy installation and uncomplicated design!

Made with a double snapper clip for removing the entire bar, we have four lengths to choose from with either an eye on both the top and the bottom, or a post on the top and an eye on the bottom. They come complete with black polyurethane bushings in two assembled bars.

The disconnects are fully anondized to help prevent corrosion with winter road conditions.

Very easy to install. Anyone can do this....

As shown in the photos, we carry a kits for the front and rear on TJ, Rubicon, and LJ Unlimited Wranglers. For the rear, they are not only a great way to flex up huge on the trail... but also get rid of those flimsy plastic factory connectors that Jeep puts on from the factory.


jeep sway bar disconnect


 Try and get this kind of flex from a suspension without proper sway bar disconnects.
Ain't gonna happen.

Rubicon Trail, California.



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